Pole Building Materials

Sherman Pole Buildings are expert construction material buyers and this enables quality buildings at a reasonable price.

Shells Sink. Dreams Float. Life’s Good on Our Boat.

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When the air is warm and the wind is in your hair, life is grand. You can spend time on the beach, plucking seashells out of the sand. You can sit on the deck of your boat, dreaming of a simpler life where all you have to do is throw out an anchor to enjoy

Pole Building Partners

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Quality Pole Buildings Built with Expert Craftsmanship You can count on Sherman Pole Buildings to build the pole barn of your dreams! As a family-owned and operated business we are committed to treating our customers like family. For example, we deliver every project with the highest standards. Therefore each and every quality pole building is

A Revised History of Animal Shelters

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Animal Pole Buildings By around 7000 BC, humans had already begun the process of domesticating sheep, goats, pigs and cattle, with chickens soon to follow. But turkeys, not till later. Ever since then, humans have been in the hunt for proper shelter for their newly domesticated friend or food as the case may have been.

Metal has Many Faces

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Metal Pole Buildings Sherman Pole Buildings installs, re-roofs, re-skins, and repairs metal pole buildings. Copper roofs have been around since the Duomo in Italy. And you can tell a copper roof by its colors. Metal roofing can be as varied as coffee flavors – almost. Copper, zinc and titanium are used in some specialized cases while

Fun with a Ferris Wheel

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Adventurous Unmoored Ferris Wheel What would you do with a giant Ferris wheel? You would first unhinge it from its moorings as even Ferris wheels would like a break from the same old doldrums. Sure it’s fun to be the host of laughing, screaming fans daily. But eventually, a wheel wants to roll away into

Space for a Magical Machine

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Big Visions Require Big Buildings Rob and several of his coworkers could trace their engineering career track back to their first encounter with the Rube Goldberg project. This was the project where they were required to design a machine to complete a simple task in as many complicated steps as possible. The original Rube Goldberg,

No More Bitter Single Guys

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How to Attract Women A survey of readers of “The Bitter Single Guy,” showed that 74 percent were unhappily single and 38 percent were unhappily dating – and yes, the math doesn’t quite add up here. But among those who were unhappily single was a self-proclaimed, great catch named Justin. As far as he was

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