Let’s Get Back to You … and Islands

Every time you look outside, winter keeps rearing its ugly head. If you’re in Minnesota, there could be inches of snow on the ground at this point. If you’re in Texas, you might be experiencing low temperatures that should never touch the Lone Star state.

Winter ends up taking its toll on everyone. It leads to searching for some warmth anywhere you can find it. Life is now, so there’s no need to wait until the signs of spring appear.

You and Islands. Think about it. You could escape to the islands. Or, you could make the islands come to you.

Forget about Vitamin C right now. You need Vitamin Sea. And it’s a lot closer than you think. With a little imagination, it could be in your backyard.



Happiness Comes in Waves

You already know that happiness comes in waves. Rather than walking away from the ocean, you can let your feet sink into the sand until the next wave hits you. As soon as you feel the foam slide around your ankles, you can take a deep breath of salty air and relax. Everything will be all right.

Something is soothing about the ocean and the blue horizon. It tells you that life is looking up.

Life is simpler than you might think. All you have to do is add water.

That’s where a pole barn can come in. You can grab your dose of Vitamin Sea just by building an oasis in your backyard. Call it a she-shed or a man cave. Or, just call it You and Islands.

If it feels as though it’s been entirely too long since you felt a wave of happiness hit you, it’s time to escape to somewhere where you can find waves. Run as far as your legs will carry you. The winter months may cause you to feel stranded. Runways are iced and there may be a foot of snow in your backyard. Well, a barn may be as close as you’re going to get. The good news is that you can make the most of it.

Hawaiian Dreams

Create Your Island

The reality is that when you want to get back to you and islands, you don’t have to hop on a plane. You don’t have to sail into the Caribbean. While you may not be able to get salt in the air and sand in your hair, there are plenty of things that you can do.

A pole barn can be your blank canvas. Make it as big as you want. Think about windows, doors, and overall size. Dream big. It can be your oasis, and we’ll show you how to make it an incredible one.

Have a nice fan whirring up above so that you can enjoy some of that Bahama breeze. Okay, it might be Texas breeze, but go with it. You want a blue horizon? All you need is a can of paint. Your local hardware store can mix up a beautiful tropical turquoise for you.


Add some music. You can get fancy with wireless speakers or you can just turn up the volume on your iPhone. Find some rasta music and it will be as though the island has officially come to you.

Anais Nin once said that she thought she must be a mermaid because “I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living.”

The best part of creating an island getaway in your barn is that you won’t have to worry about drowning. Enjoy living your best life. No matter how stressful life becomes, it’s alright with the beach in sight. So, what if there’s no beach in Minnesota? Your beach is as close as your imagination is. If you’re creative enough, it can be in your backyard.

Why You and Island Need an Escape

There’s a reason why most jobs offer vacation time. It’s not really for you. It’s for your performance. You can’t work 40 hours a week, 52 weeks a year without finding some kind of escape from time to time. Those who work too much without a break are the ones who turn into their work.

You’ve met them. They talk about work, even when they’re not working; those who are glued to their devices. They answer work emails on their off-time, and they’re all-consumed by work. You may even be one of them. This isn’t the life that you wanted. It’s time to find that reset button, and it might be under the umbrella of a fruity drink served beachside.

Island Couple

At some point, productivity goes down because you’re overworked, overtired, and underappreciated. You need a break. Preferably one long enough that allows you to let out all of that stress you’re drowning under.

There are physical and psychological benefits to taking a vacation. It lowers your stress and even reduces your risk of heart disease. It gives you a chance to take a break and assess your life. It can motivate you to achieve your goals. By the time you return from your vacation, you’re invigorated and ready to take on the world.

Vacations aren’t always possible.

Vacations aren’t always possible. Especially if you work for someone else, you can’t just up and go on vacation. There are approvals to get and hoops to jump through.

It’s why you need an escape. Just a place to go to remind yourself that there’s life outside of work.


Particularly in the winter, you need to escape. Winter depression is real. It may have to do with the lack of sunlight, the feeling of isolation because the weather makes it harder to travel out to your friends, or that you’re not eating right because the colder weather makes you feel like consuming extra calories.

Throw some strawberries in the blender with a splash of rum and call it a daiquiri. You’re one step closer to escaping. Trade your boots for flip flops and you’re another step closer. Then, make a run for your pole barn where you can sit down in a beach chair and pretend as though you hear the waves crashing around you.

Live Out Your Dream

You’re in quarantine? You’re feeling as though you’re stranded from ever having a vacation again?

Let’s get back to you…and islands. It’s time to start living your dream. Life is now, and the sweet sound of the ocean is calling your name. All it takes is a pole barn to give you the escape that you need. Bring the island to you.


You’re probably not going anywhere for a while. The snow won’t let you.

At Sherman Pole Buildings, we can make your dreams come true. We might not be able to give you the sandy Bahama beaches, but we can tell you where to go to grab a few hundred bags of sand. Who needs carpet? You can kick your shoes off at the door of your pole barn. Turn up the heat inside and pretend as though you’re headed to the clear blue waters of the ocean.

We’ll make it happen for you. We’ll design the exterior to your specifications. Then, you can decorate the interior so that you have the islands with you no matter how long you have to quarantine. It may be the best gift that you give yourself. Escape without the vacation and see how your mental health gets a boost in the right direction, too.

You deserve a break. You deserve a life. All it takes is you deciding that you’re worth it. Escaping is easy, especially if you have a pole barn in your backyard.