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Choosing the Right Size: A Guide to Common Pole Barn Sizes

When it comes to building a pole barn, one of the most important decisions you will need to make is determining the size of the structure. The size of your pole barn will have a significant impact on its functionality,

I Was Delighted When I Discovered Someone Stole My Lamps

Power outages delight me. Literally and figuratively. Sure, I’m actually de-lighted in the sense that none of my lamps will work. However, it’s also a chance to get away from the bright lights that blind me and prevent me from

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I Ordered A Chicken And An Egg From Amazon … I’ll Let You Know

Have you noticed everyone’s obsession with chickens these days? Either they’re creating a farm for them, watching reels with them, or enjoying them deep-fried with a side of ranch. Honestly, we are fans of chicken regardless of whether they’re running

We Never Really Grow Up, We Only Learn How To Act In Public

Growing up can be a challenge. While we have to grow up (life literally doesn’t give us an option), how we do so is entirely up to us. We can do so responsibly, or we can fight like hell every

My Favorite Word Is Drool, It Just Rolls Off The Tongue

Drooling is a natural reaction. While we often attribute it to dogs, the reality is that we drool, too. Some of us do it in our sleep, while some of us do it when we pass the donut counter. In

I Will Always Cherish The Initial Misconceptions I Had About You

Admit it. You’ve had a few misconceptions about people when you first met them. Some people ended up being better than you first assumed, while others were so much worse. That impression can last a while, but at some point,

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