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Over Forty Years of Expert Craftsmanship

This Is My Step Ladder. I Never Knew My Real Ladder.

Step ladders can be just as important as real ladders. It gives us a step up, even if it’s not quite the full step we were looking for. We take what we can get. If it helps us to fight

I Live In My Own Little World. But Its Ok, They Know Me Here

The world is full of craziness. We can look around and see the sensical and the nonsensical of it all. However, most of it doesn’t really affect us. We may say that it does, but we’d be lying. Why? We

The Functional Genius of Pole Barns

Purchasing a pole barn is an attractive option for many when it comes to building a structure on their property. Whether you are looking for a place to store farm equipment, vehicles, or supplies, investing in a high-quality pole barn

Worrying Works: 90% Of The Things I Worry About Never Happen.

How do you spend your time? I don’t know about you, but I spend it worrying. And it works. Did you know that when I worry, most of the things I worry about never happen? Okay, okay. I know that

A Computer Beat Me At Chess, But It Was No Match For Me At Kick Boxing

Have you noticed how AI seems to be taking over our lives? It’s everywhere, from the recommendations we get when we’re on social media to the news that we’re being shown in our emails. I know a lot about artificial

Building Intelligence

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