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Over Forty Years of Expert Craftsmanship

Legends Are Made

Be Legendary Legends are who we aspire to be, who we talk about to inspire others, and who leave an unforgettable impression on everyone within their field. As Barney Stinson would say, “Legen…wait for it…dary.” It’s something you strive to

You’re Not Gonna Like This Karen

Quality Erections In Demand Have you ever noticed that some people are more in need of a quality erection than others? Let’s face it. Every Karen out there simply needs to see a tall edifice in her future. Perhaps, then,

I Went To Buy A Camo Hat, But I Couldn’t Find Any

If I Can’t Wear Camo, I’m Not Goin' Let’s face it, life is better in the country. I like my lifestyle muddy. And, if I can’t wear camo, I’m not goin.’ There’s just something about wearing camouflage that makes it

We Tailgate Harder Than Your Team Plays

Let’s Make This The Best Tailgating Season Ever There are a lot of people responsible for helping a team win. There are the players and the coaches, obviously. But if you really want to see how a team wins, you

The Craftsman’s Series: Offering a DIY Barndominium

DIY Barndominiums Just Got Easier The Craftsman Series: DIY Barndominiums is one of the easiest ways for you to embrace your creative side…and save some money along the way. You may do it with your landscaping, your decorating, and various

Adventure Awaits in Minnesota’s Playground

Get Your Pole Barn in Brainerd (Minnesota’s Playground) Many people make the assumption that only kids should have access to a playground. How is that fair? Adults work hard…and they should be able to play just as hard. Okay, so

Building Intelligence

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