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Over Forty Years of Expert Craftsmanship

Autocorrect Is My Worst Enema

Autocorrect has gotten me into trouble more times than I’d like to admit. I’ve sent inappropriate texts to my boss, hurt my mom’s feelings, and had my kids question my extracurricular activities. I’d also like to address Siri directly for

I Like To Play Dodgeball With Random People Who Don’t Know They’re Playing

Sometimes, it’s important to grab life by the ball and hurl it at the person in front of you. Seriously, it’s as if this generation has never been hit by a red rubber ball at close range, and it shows.

Parallel Lines Have So Much In Common, It’s A Shame They’ll Never Meet

It’s funny how we go through life and randomly meet people. Some people are friends, some people are lovers, and some people are foes. Often, we know who they will be before we even get a chance to interact with

I Told Him To Be Himself; That Was Pretty Mean, I Guess

Hate comments are everywhere. Somewhere along the line with the invention of the internet came the trolls. You know the type. They’re the people who hide behind their computer screens and say what’s on their minds. They have no filter.

I Buy All My Guns From A Guy Called T-Rex, He’s A Small Arms Dealer

Guns. America. It’s the only way to live, right? As we work to live our best lives in Sherman Country amid all that is going on, we must cling to our Second Amendment rights. You never know what’s going to

Pole Buildings Available Near Effingham, Kansas

Are you in need of a new storage space or workshop? Look no further than Sherman Buildings! We are proud to offer custom pole barns in a 150 mile radius of our newest office in Effingham, Kansas. With our expertise

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