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Your garage door has parts that require lubrication and periodic maintenance to maximize its’ longevity and functionality. Garage doors can last anywhere from 10-20 years if maintained properly and, of course, depending on usage. Every one to two years a thorough lubrication of all the proper points will help keep your door in prime condition. An inspection of the garage door rollers to check for wear or damage is also recommended. You want all components of the door to be in working order and hazard-free. Sometimes tracks need to be adjusted or realigned, or springs weaken and need attention. This basic garage door maintenance will give you peace of mind and save dollars in the long run.

Garage door springs do weaken with frequent usage. One opening of the door is considered a cycle. If you leave for work in the morning and return your car to the garage at night that is two cycles. When trying to determine what garage door will best meet your needs you can do some basic math to figure out approximately how many cycles you will use each day, month, and year- and then look for a product that has torsion spring cycles that best align with your predicted usage.

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There are a variety of improvements we can offer, from reroofing and reskinning to new garage doors and openers, to interior insulation and finishing of walls and ceiling.

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