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Commercial Buildings

Post Frame Construction is an affordable alternative to conventional construction when building commercial buildings. Additionally, because the trusses are engineered to transfer the ceiling weight to the posts, there are no interior load bearing walls, which  allows for more open space inside your building. Therefore pole buildings are an excellent building type for manufacturing, warehousing, office spaces, and even retail.

Versatile Commercial Pole Barn Buildings

Save time and money with commercial post frame construction.  At Sherman Pole Buildings our consultative in-house designers work with you to craft the exact building you desire. As a result you can get the most functional and affordable building to ensure your business operates smoothly; from retail, industrial and warehouse buildings, municipal, and even retail and dealerships.

We work closely with you for site planning, permitting, zoning, code requirements, design and more.

Our post frame commercial buildings use wood frames and we offer multiple attractive exterior features and finishes so that your building is sharp and attractive. As a result of the widely spaced columns, you have design flexibility to place windows and doors virtually wherever you want.  Sherman Commercial Pole Buildings go up quickly and are energy efficient giving you the best ROI.

Five Reasons Why Pole Buildings Make Great Commercial Buildings

1. Any exterior finish. When most people think post-frame construction, they think of steel. But steel is just one option for a post-frame building’s exterior. In fact, post-frame structures can be finished with many materials including vinyl siding, standard shingles brick, plaster, concrete and more.

2. Less expensive than conventional buildings. Working directly with a post-frame construction company such as Sherman Pole Buildings, you get the option of bypassing architects which leads to designing a structurally sound building with a more attractive cost per square foot; not to mention a more efficient to operate building than conventional alternatives.

3. Highly flexible interior layout and design. Conventional buildings rely on load bearing walls placed throughout the structure to support the roof. If you want to remove a wall, you must consider how it will alter the support of the entire building. On the other hand, post frame buildings do not require any additional support for the roof.

4. Great Accessibility. Post-frame structures are very compatible with large openings in the wall to accommodate very large doors for example. This is especially important if you need to get large equipment in and out of the building.

5. Building Finishes.  Quality commercial buildings will have a variety of building components and finishes. Therefore pole buildings are often chosen for their ability to accommodate components such as HVAC systems, plumbing, electrical wiring, and drywall or other internal wall materials.


A good looking building, that is functional and efficient, built quickly with material and workmanship warranties — in other words, A Quality building at a reasonable price; it’s all part of what separates us from others.

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Built on a concrete slab, this is an ideal option if you plan to heat/insulate your building or have any of the following conditions.

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