Steel Buildings and Metal Buildings in Texas have taken a big step forward, by Sherman Pole Buildings entering the scene. As expert craftsman for over forty years, our pole barns (a.k.a. Steel Buildings and Metal Buildings) have been cherished around the country. If you are looking to construct any type of building in TX, you owe it to yourself to contact Sherman Pole Buildings.

The House Won’t Fall When the Bones Are Good

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Let's Make Sure the Bones Are Good Life’s hard. No one’s going to dispute it. The problem is that you’re constantly put through the test. Storms, political elections, fights over who gets the last donut in the box…whatever it is that may be creating turmoil in your life, you have to make sure the bones

Live Like You’re Dying

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What does it mean to live like you’re dying? Sky diving. Rocky Mountain climbing. Bull riding. Snorkeling. Horseback riding. Romantic dinners. It’s all there. It’s all within reach. Memories are funny. If you don’t make any, you don’t have anything to remember when it’s too late to do all of these things. No one should have

Friday Night Lights is a Lifestyle Not a Game

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Friday Night Lights Do you feel that cool breeze on your skin? Do you smell the crisp leaves in the air? The season of Friday Night Lights is upon us. And it’s not just about football. Oh, no. It’s an entire lifestyle. If you’re jumping into a uniform and getting to run across a football

It Is Harvest Time

By |2020-09-18T16:23:22-05:00September 18th, 2020|Buildings, Minnesota, New Pole Building, Pole Building Materials, Texas|

During harvest time, as I ride my tractor across the field and stir up some peanut dust, I’m reminded that this is my favorite time of the year. The farm across town is getting ready to open up their annual pumpkin patch. My little ones are trying to figure out what they want to be

Take A Walk In The Woods

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Take A Walk In The Woods Outside, the woods are my refuge. Some people stay inside, playing on their Xbox and eating delivery pizza by the box. I’d rather be lost in the woods than found in the city. The smell of dry leaves in the air and the feel of fresh sap on my

Life is Better on The Farm

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Farm Life City life? No thanks. I don’t want to be kept up at night by those artificial lights. The stars act as my nightlight, and I can’t get that anywhere but out on my farm. Life is better out here. I’ve got acres of land. Sure, it’s hard work. Anything that’s worth anything is

Give Me the Beat Boys and Free My Soul

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You’re Hosting a Barn Dance, and Everyone’s Invited. Giddy up because the fall months are fast approaching. School is back in session and folks want to get together. Families, neighborhoods, and entire communities are looking for a reason to stomp their feet and shake their rumps. A good ‘ol barn dance is in order, and

A Good Life is a Collection of Memories

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Memories It’s not about the stuff you have. It’s not about the clothes you wear. It’s not about the cars you drive. A good life is measured by the collection of memories you have accumulated. Not sure if you have enough of them? It’s time to get out there to start living your life. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wl2OyaZVU3U

Let’s Build An Empire Together

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Build An Empire We’re building so much more than a life together. We’ve said our vows and we’ve built our house. Now, we’re building an empire. We’ve gone from Texas to Minnesota and back again. You'd say we’ve seen it all. We know what we want, and we’re going to do it together. As Henry

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