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Agricultural Buildings

Sherman Pole Buildings is the answer for your Agricultural Pole Barn. And our pole barns are the perfect solution for your farm. Store your valuable equipment in a custom built post frame building. Storing your agricultural equipment outside in the elements can erosion, decay and even cause serious damage.

Custom Agricultural Pole Barns to Meet Your Needs

People often choose to build pole barns on farms. High quality pole barn structures provide a durable and cost-effective solution for all of your farming and agricultural needs.

Our agricultural pole buildings are an affordable solution when it comes to having a space for storing your farm equipment. Our pole barns can be used for multiple purposes such as a place house your animals, a hay cover, or a dry space for grain and storage. Most importantly, it can be customized to suit your specific needs.

Shelter for Livestock

If you raise animals on your farm, you likely need a place to shelter them at night.  With complete custom layout and design, your pole barn can be partitioned into stalls so each animal has its own space or any configuration you wish. Because there are no load bearing walls, stalls can be built in the custom size for your animals.

Machine Shed or Garage

An agricultural pole building can be used to store machinery and farm vehicles such as tractors and combines. Those vehicles need to be protected from harsh weather, rain, snow, and extreme temperatures; protecting the engines and surface metal. Your equipment needs to run well when you need it, and the proper shelter will help ensure your machinery is kept in optimal condition. You get a lot of flexibility with a pole barn to accommodate the large variety of equipment used in farming today.

Shed for Hay and Feed

You need a place to store livestock hay and feed. A pole barn is the perfect solution because it is a large building with an open floor plan that makes it easy to move hay and feed in and out. Additionally your pole building will provide shelter from rain and snow to prevent moisture and mold.

Sherman Pole Buildings understands the needs of farmers and the types of buildings you need to operate a profitable farming businesses. We understand the needs of pole barn buildings such as doors to clear large farm equipment heights, skylights, covered lean-tos, insulation, a variety of barn doors, custom windows, cupolas, or any customization your building may require.
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Stud and Steel Option

Built on a concrete slab, this is an ideal option if you plan to heat/insulate your building or have any of the following conditions.

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