Texas has an entirely different vibe than the rest of the country, and perhaps that’s because the state has a history that doesn’t include being a part of the U.S. It knows how to be its own country and it’s not afraid to do it again.

Seriously, did you know that about 20% of Texans support succession?

Texas Flag

Texas is known for being rough and tough. From the Dallas city slickers to the Fort Worth cowboys, everyone wears a pair of cowboy boots. They kick up the dirt, they say y’all, and they don’t take crap from anyone.

As John Wayne once said …

“I’m here to kick ass and drink whiskey, pilgrim. And I’m all out of whiskey.”

Does that mean you just see people getting their asses kicked from Austin to Waco? No, but it’s never outside of the realm of possibility. Like we said, Texans are just built a bit tougher.

And just as Texans are built tougher, so are the buildings. If you’ve ever tried to dig into the ground around here, you know that it’s rocky. Heck, every homeowner will tell you that they’re growing rocks in their yards. A good rainfall will show you all sorts of rocks that have to be scooped up before grass will spread across a lawn.

It’s why construction has to be carefully considered. Stud frame buildings are key, and lucky for you, Sherman Pole Buildings services the entire state. We drive up and down the I-35 corridor regularly, building stud frames left and right.


Pull On Your Boots and Take On the Day

There’s always something to do in the Lone Star State. It’s up to you whether it’s for work or for fun. And no matter how hot it is, the work and the fun always seem to involve being outside. That’s okay, though. Remember, Texans are built tougher, and that means being able to tolerate three-digit heat waves.

If it’s for work, you might be spending some time in the hot sun. You know, wrangling horses, feeding chickens, building fences. You’ll need more than just boots. A good Stetson will keep the sun off your face.

If you wear cowboy clothes, are you ranch dressing?

And if you find yourself spending too much time in the sun, it might be time to look at a steel building. It can be outfitted with as many windows as you need. It can be your ranch building or your barn.

As for when it’s time to play, Texas is known for all sorts of activities. You can grab an ATV and hit the trails, a boat for one of the many lakes, or even an inner tube for the river. Whatever you decide to do, you need a place to store your toys. The heat of the TX sun is nothing to joke about and leaving your toys outside and unprotected can be a big mistake.

A pole barn can be used as a garage or a storage shed. They’re built strong enough to withstand the heat, the winds, and even the hailstorms.

Texas Guitar

Texas Is My Happy Place

Those who don’t live here end up visiting for one reason or another. It’s a happy place. And why is that? Well, we have a bit of everything. You can hit up the salt caves of Austin, the wineries of Fredericksburg, the silos of Waco, the theme parks of San Antonio, and the rodeos of Fort Worth. And let’s not forget that we’re home to a number of pro sports teams.

And don’t even think about sharing a football team with any of us that’s not from Texas. Don’t ask me why I’m a Cowboys fan, ask yourself why you are not.

More and more people are moving here because the state has so much to offer. And we’re not even going to go into why people are moving out of other states. Let’s just focus on what the Lone Star has that the others don’t.

Cowboy boots look good with everything. So, you can get yourself a pair and explore what a particular city has to offer. And once you decide it’s time to move so that you can call Texas home AND your happy place, you’ll need a shed.

Our pole buildings can be used for sheds, AG buildings, barns, and more. They’re the ultimate form of storage. And they’ve been used to house the occasional whiskey distillery and brewery, too.

Texas Art

It’s Heaven Here

Let’s be honest. George Strait had it right when he asked to be taken to Texas because it’s heaven here. From the DFW area to Austin, from Waco to San Antonio, there’s perfection everywhere.

Perfection comes in all shapes, but the size is always bigger. What they say is true. We started out in Minnesota, and we thought things there were big. We’re here to tell you that in TX, everything is bigger. The steaks. The glasses of wine. The plots of land. The homes. And we’re here for it. We’ll become children of the Alamo. And you can be darn tootin’ that we’ll adopt all of the crazy language, too.

We’ll bless your heart and tell everyone not to mess with Texas. We’ll talk about gettin’ a hankerin’ for something and we’ll pitch a hissy fit if we don’t get it, too.

And the best way to make use of that perfection is with a pole barn from us at Sherman. We’re here, and we’re excited to start building.

When you need an outbuilding of any kind, let us know. This ain’t our first rodeo. We’ve already got our cowboy boots on and are ready to walk your property to discuss the many possibilities that we have to offer. Go ahead and call us. We’ll set an appointment right quick but be sure that we discuss everything inside. Those skeeters always seem to be out to get us!

Texas Longhorn