Have you noticed how AI seems to be taking over our lives? It’s everywhere, from the recommendations we get when we’re on social media to the news that we’re being shown in our emails.

I know a lot about artificial intelligence, but not as much as it knows about me. It knows all of my dirty secrets because it’s the only one to see my search history before I delete it.

Speaking of search history, don’t judge us when we go searching “quality erections.” This happens to be our specialty at Sherman Pole Buildings. And before you go searching for yourself, you might want to trust us. We’re talking about pole barns. AI has a long way to go before you can put that kind of thing into a search engine and get results that will tell you about storage facilities and steel buildings.


This above song was written by an AI Bot/Computer


Artificial Intelligence is All Around Us in Sherman Country

It’s funny how people talk about artificial intelligence as though it’s something new. Computer-generated intelligence may be new, but people have been faking their intelligence for years.

As I’ve always said, artificial intelligence will never be a match for natural stupidity.

And if you really think about it, a lot of the AI out there isn’t all that smart. Those who think it is smart are just showing their ignorance.

There are entire novels written by bots. You won’t find them on the bestsellers list for a reason. The stories are predictable. The stories are poorly written. And there are random words thrown in there because the computer assumes that they are critical to a specific genre.

“Great Balls” is a song written by an AI bot that was supposed to mimic an AC/DC song.

While it’s comical to hear, it makes absolutely no sense. “Ride on my brain” is just one of the lyrics, and that’s one of the more reasonable ones.

Smart Pup

It’s all about stacking synonyms of synonyms on top of one another. It changes up the lyrics by finding countless synonyms of original words. The bots can’t understand that there are words with double meanings. And it most certainly hasn’t realized that what it created is gibberish.

Does that sound like some people you know? They open their mouths to speak, and gibberish pours out.

It’s like the old joke: What do you call a blonde who dyes her hair brown? Artificial intelligence.

At least an AI bot can fall back on the fact that it’s just a computer program. What is humanity’s excuse?

Smart Phone

AI Will Never Take Away My Job

We’ve heard this for decades. People get terrified that a computer will replace them.

It’s true in some instances. If you’ve ever done self-check-out, you’ve allowed a computer to take a cashier’s job. Though, who is the real idiot if you’re checking yourself out without getting paid for it?

I like to keep it simple: AI will never take away my job. Only an idiot would do my job.

There are a lot of jobs that no one really wants to do. So, if a bot wants to come along and take it, let them do it.

As for building pole barns, it’s fun. From MN to TX and now KS, it’s a chance to build strong buildings that can withstand all of the elements. Customizing them to meet the needs of individuals and companies takes a creative mind.

Knowing how AI can botch up a story or a song, there’s no telling what they could do if they were to design a pole barn in Sherman Country.

I highly doubt that artificial intelligence can produce quality erections like we can. If I’m wrong, well, I’m not sure if that’s something I’ll ever admit out loud. After all, we have a reputation to maintain.

If we can’t build quality erections better than a bot, what does that say about us?

Artificial Intelligence

Leave the Building to Us

There are certain things you can trust a bot to do. They can calculate and create statistics.

Then, there are things you’d rather humans do. When it comes to creativity, humans are simply better. Unless you want creative gibberish. Then, bots can have a go at it all they want.

We’re not the most tech-savvy at Sherman Pole Buildings. We don’t have to be, though.

We just got a fax. At work. We didn’t know we had a fax machine. The entire department just stared at it. I poked it with a stick.

We focus on building because it’s what we’re good at.

Whether you’re looking for an Ag building in TX, a toy shed in MN, or even a residential home in KS, we have you covered. We take the time to talk to you rather than trying to use fancy code to assume we know what it is that you want.

By eliminating AI from the equation, we ensure you get what you really want. Nothing will get lost in translation. You’ll be able to say what you mean in plain English.

Though, that might not help, either.

Smart Computer

English is weird. It can be understood through tough thorough thought, though.

Maybe we’ll go back to the basics. You talk. We’ll draw pictures. It can be like a game of Pictionary or Charades to determine what it is that you want from us.

Seriously. However you decide to communicate, we’ll be ready to listen. And once we start the building process, you’ll find out why you have trusted the right company. We take the time to explore your needs to the fullest by using good ‘ol human interactions.

Remember, AI is only good for a laugh at the moment. It might get better over time. Until then, have a good laugh at its attempts to mimic human intelligence. Or perhaps that’s the problem. Maybe the bots are mimicking the wrong humans.

For now, we’ll keep doing what we do best without the help of AI. Trust us. It’s better this way.

Smart Building