Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2018-07-26T15:53:56-05:00
What is your license number and are you insured?2017-11-22T12:29:57-06:00

Our Minnesota state license number is BC004619 and yes we are insured.

Can I put something on the walls besides steel?2017-11-22T12:28:13-06:00

You can finish your buildings walls with any materials that you choose. Whether you want it sheeted for vinyl siding or cedar, we have the capabilities to do that. Some customers choose to put steel on three sides and sheet the fourth side with OSB for finish with another material.

Can I put something on the roof other than steel?2017-11-22T12:26:40-06:00

Asphalt shingles, cedar, or other materials make great roofs. We believe that steel is one of the best materials for roofs because of its durability and cost efficiency.

What is the smallest building that Sherman Pole Buildings can construct?2017-11-22T12:25:09-06:00

Generally speaking, we can build any size building, however we typically start at 20 x 24 and up. The most common size of building that we construct is the 30’ x 40’ building. This is a very usable space giving the owner 1200 square feet of storage.

Do you guys do concrete slab work?2017-11-22T12:22:51-06:00

Typically we refer it to a quality contractor who does the majority of the concrete work for us. That contractor can be contacted directly or we can communicate with them.

Are pole buildings cheaper?2017-11-22T12:20:10-06:00

Pole buildings tend to be more efficient and cost effective than most alternatives. As pole buildings get wider, there are substitutions that can be more effective. If you are looking for a building wider than 80’ wide, we can offer options. Give us a call and ask us about other options.

What experience do your crews have?2017-11-22T12:18:09-06:00

Many of our crew members have over 15 years of experience. We still have a company owner that is out constructing buildings on a daily basis.

Who constructs Sherman Pole Buildings?2021-05-11T13:38:22-05:00

We employ our crews directly. We have numerous crews that work year-round constructing building in Minnesota, Northwest Wisconsin, and Texas (near San Antonio). Using in-house crews gives us the ability to maintain a higher level of quality in our construction.

What is a pole building?2021-05-11T13:36:56-05:00

The design is based around posts (previously poles), that are set four to five feet into the ground, spaced four to eight feet apart. Trusses are attached on top of the posts and purlins are attached to trusses. Instead of studs used in traditional buildings, these posts provide a strong structural frame for the exterior walls. Horizontal supports (girts) are attached to the posts to attach the siding. Steel is then attached to the girts and purlins creating a system that is both sturdy and cost efficient.

From Wikipedia …

Pole framing or post-frame construction[1] (pole building framingpole buildingpole barn) is a simplified building technique adapted from the labor-intensive traditional timber framing technique. It uses large poles or posts buried in the ground or on a foundation to provide the vertical structural support, along with girts to provide horizontal support. The method was developed and matured during the 1930s as agricultural practices changed, including the shift toward engine-powered farm equipment and the demand for cheaper, larger barns and storage areas.  READ MORE >>


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