Through the Sherman Pole Building referral program, you or your company can make $200 when you refer our services to another person or company who signs an agreement for a new Sherman Pole Building. It’s that simple. A qualified new customer for us means $200 for you.

How Does Our Referral Program Work?

It’s very simple. The $200 referral payment is sent to you as soon as final payment is received by Sherman from the person you referred.  We will send the payment to you in a check.

1. Go to the Contact Us Page
2. In the Additional Information Area, type REFERRAL
3. In the Additional Information Area, type your name, referral name, and a little information about you.
4. Send it to us and we’ll get back to you.

Jobsite Sign Referrals

Are you currently a Sherman Pole Building customer? By maintaining one of our jobsite signs on your property for the chance to refer local residents or companies. If someone mentions our jobsite sign at your property as the source of their referral, we will send you a $200 referral check.

Contact us today for all of the details.