We know, we know. This title is really concerning. We’re all in this to get her.

Wait, who are we getting? Why are we out to get ANYONE?

Actually, we’re not violent people. We’re not in this to get anyone. However, it’s amazing the difference that a space makes, isn’t it? We go from doing things together to be out to get someone.

We all need our space. Elbow room. A corner to be squeezed.

To Get Her

It is within space that we find our peace. It is what allows us to develop our personalities, collect our thoughts, and be ourselves.

When there’s not enough space, it’s when fights break out or we find ourselves to be too claustrophobic.

It turns out that the space bar on our keyboards knows more than it lets on. It knows just how much we need our space.

While we might need to be together, we might actually need that space. This is especially true in a relationship. If you want to get “her,” then you have to give her space.

When you let go, you create space for the things that matter. So, let go of everything that you have been holding onto. Suddenly, you’ll find out what matters the most. And you’ll have the space that you need for it all.


Space is Everywhere

Have you noticed that everywhere you look, you’ll find space? It’s all a matter of how much space you actually want. Those in the country tend to want a lot more space than what someone in the city would find acceptable. Don’t believe us? Just check out the size of the homes in Texas Hill Country versus those in New York City.

Since space is everywhere, you have to decide what works best for you. Are you looking for indoor or outdoor space? Would you rather reach out for space or build up? The possibilities are endless.

It’s why there are so many unique architectural buildings to take advantage of square footage and living space. Some people would rather look up with a four-story home while others would rather reach out for a sprawling ranch.

And it seems that everyone’s singing out space, too.

You’ve got hits that cover everything from “Hold On Loosely” to “The Space Between.”

And why do you think that is? Space is a critical part of our lives whether we realize it or not.

Space allows us to fall in love. And when there’s not enough space, you may actually find that you’re out to get her instead of coming together. That pesky space comes back to haunt you when you least expect it.

What Do You Do with Space

The funny thing about space is that it’s not something that you can reach out and hold. You can’t put it in a jar. And really, you can’t make more of it. You can simply choose to move things around to give you the feeling of more space. Or you can walk outside so that you have more of it.

What do you do once you have more space? That depends on why you felt that you needed more, to begin with.

If you asked for it in a relationship, it’s likely so that you had a chance to think. Your partner may have been too clingy. Or the relationship went stagnant. Was it love or loneliness bringing the two of you together? Head space is something that you need from time to time.

If you need it in the physical space in which you live or work, it’s likely because the previous space was insufficient. It may not have allowed you to grow and thrive in a productive way.

Open Spaces

If you and your family are practically on top of each other, you don’t have personal space. This can make it hard for you to be creative and focus on self-care.

And if you don’t have enough space in your business, it may prevent you from expanding. You won’t have enough room for more employees, more inventory, or more production.

All spaces should be adequately sized so that it allows you to get things done.

Even Forbes says that a workspace should be spacious as it leads to higher productivity and less stress.

So, there you have it. Spaces may vary in terms of being in your head or being physical, but the outcome is the same. When you have more space, it reduces your stress and offers you higher levels of clarity.

The question is: how do you find the space that you need?

You Need Space

Don’t be afraid to ask for more space in your life. You need it to survive. And if you’re not getting enough, you need to recognize it before you end up with big problems.

The space you need may not come easily. And it usually comes at a price. However, it’s usually worth it in the end.

It’s certainly worth it when you work with us at Sherman Pole Buildings.

Give me some space.

We’ve all said it. And now we’re saying it to you. Give us some space and see what we can do with it. We’ll talk to you about post frame versus stud frame construction based on the kind of soil that you’ve got going on.

We’ll fill the empty spaces of your life in Sherman Country with the kind of buildings that you need, whether it’s residential, commercial, or even industrial.

There are so many ways to personalize your space in Sherman Country, too. We can create a magnificent space for you to raise your family, grow your business, or take care of the chickens.

Remember, the soul needs more space than the body, so don’t be afraid to think big. Wherever you decide to set up your post frame or stud frame pole barn, we have you covered.