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Minnesota Sports An Interesting History

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Sports fanatics across the state of Minnesota may not know the interesting history of how so many of the sports came to be. It almost always involved a few Wild fellas who were bored. Considering how cold it gets in the winter, there’s plenty of energy by the time spring rolls around. Some got creative

Skijoring Is Not Boring

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Skijoring sounds like something that you’d mumble under your breath when your girlfriend tries to talk you into taking her to a ski resort. However, it’s actually a cool sport. The thing about it is that it looks as though it’s a sport that was created after a long night of drinking. And who knows,

The Ultimate Outdoorsmen

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Society is stranger than it used to be. After the dinosaurs died during the Ice Age, us cavemen (the ultimate outdoorsmen) had it so much easier. We would hunt while the women would forage for berries. They didn’t care that we showed a little extra leg with our loincloth. In fact, they kind of liked

Toy Boxes for Boats, ATVs, and Snowmobiles

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Prioritize Your Toys (Even Over Your Kids' Toys) Don’t tell the PTA moms of the world, but we’re actually telling you to put your toys over those of your children. Think about it. Your toys cost a lot more than theirs do. Plus, even if you take the time to invest in a really cool

The 10 Perks of Constructing Pole Buildings

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The 10 Perks of Constructing Pole Buildings If you're looking to add an additional building to your property, pole buildings are a great option. Click here to learn about their perks. So you're wanting to build a new garage, barn, or workshop but the quote you got for that

What is a Pole Building, Exactly?

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What is a Pole Building, Exactly? Pole buildings are great for their affordability and ease of construction. But what is a pole building, exactly? Click here to find out. Do you know what the more than 800 post frame contractors across the country know? The simple fact is that you have more building options than a conventional building

Pole Buildings Improve Your Property

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  The right pole building will increase the value of your property. Pole barns are relatively inexpensive to build; nevertheless, they can increase the value of the property they're built on and save you capital gains taxes when selling a property. The flexibility and durability of pole sheds make them an attractive alternative to conventional

A Man Cave for Every Kind of Man

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MODERN MAN CAVE At the dawn of human history the man cave was actually a cave where cave men could take a break from the drudgery of hunting, fishing, scaling and skinning to fill the family’s stomach. Rumor has it that the man cave is where fire was actually invented. It happened when one cave

Where the Boats go Home

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SAY NO TO EASY FISH From the earliest times when men and fish discovered each other, men have gone fishing. It is commonly held that this is the reason that women discovered shoe stores. Originally the fishing was easy, especially in the summer time. Men would hang about at water’s edge and physically wrestle with