You’re Hosting a Barn Dance, and Everyone’s Invited.

Giddy up because the fall months are fast approaching. School is back in session and folks want to get together. Families, neighborhoods, and entire communities are looking for a reason to stomp their feet and shake their rumps. A good ‘ol barn dance is in order, and with the right beat, it’s a chance to free the soul.

Come join me. Turn on some Uncle Kracker or invite the local folk group out to perform. As long as there’s a beat, you’re already one step into having a barn dance.

Barn Dance Crew

Get Lost in Your Rock and Roll

Somebody fetch me my fiddle, I feel a jig coming on. The worries of the world are lost as soon as you start to sway to the beat. It doesn’t matter what the song is. It doesn’t matter what your dance is. What does matter is that you allow the music to heal you. Get lost for a little while so that you can relax. Music is good for the soul. With the right beat, your soul will be free.

I’ll let you in on a little secret: not everyone at a barn dance in Texas will dance. Some will sip whiskey in the back and watch everyone else. Watch carefully, though. Those are the same people who will tap their boots to the beat of the music. They’re getting lost in the moment, too. And you know what? You, too, can get lost. Be the one stealing the show with your clogging or be the one tapping their boots to the beat. Just let the rock and roll consume you.

Barn Dance Man

There’s a reason why there’s so many types of music. Different tunes affect people differently. It’s a chance to forget. It’s a chance to escape. You can get lost for hours as long as there’s music in the background. Folk, rock, country, whatever it is, live or recorded, it’s going to get the job done. Even if your personal preferences aren’t playing at the dance, you can still have some fun with it. You might even learn to like a few new songs.

It is With Your Feet That You Move, But It is with Your Heart That You Dance

You might have to move your feet to do the two-step or the do-si-do. But, if you’re not up on the latest footwork, you’re still able to get the beat. It’s with your heart that you dance. Remember what Johnny told Baby in Dirty Dancing? “It’s a feeling; a heartbeat.” The moment you start trying to dance, you lose the passion. Why dance if it’s not fun? Every time you dance, it’s a way for you to express yourself.

No one cares how you dance. Dance in your heels (that’s a superpower, you know). Dance like no one’s looking. Just remember: no dancing on tables with spurs.


Spin around with your hands in the air. Shake your butt like no one’s watching. Groove the way that your heart tells you to move. That’s when you’ll be the happiest. No one will dare rain down on your happiness when you’re dancing in a barn. It’s a judgment-free zone, didn’t you know?

Maybe KC and the Sunshine Band had it right when they said, “Do a little dance, make a little love.” Studies have even shown that people who know how to dance are more desirable. Take a look around that barn dance of yours. A love connection may be made on that straw-covered floor yet.

You Helped Me Along, You’re Makin’ Me Strong

Have you noticed that some of the best songs bring back memories? If you’re not out there dancing and listening to music, you’re not out there making memories. Years from now, you might hear a song and be transported back to a moment that happened at the barn dance. It may be a kiss, the start of a new friendship, or when you learned a new line dance. Whatever it is, you will think of that moment when you hear the song. Memories tied to music can be strong, so hold on when you’re transported down Memory Lane.

Some of the biggest moments in your life happen when there’s music playing. The songs help you along, they make you strong. Songs are inspirational. Songs are therapeutic. Whatever is wrong in the world can be erased, at least temporarily, with a good song.

Guitar Amp

Sing the lyrics. Blast the music. Listen to the song with headphones. Dance to it. However you choose to listen to the music, let it hold you. Allow it to become your personal lullaby. The rhythm can surround you and envelope you and nurture you.

Barn in the USA

BBQ, brews, and bad dance moves. It’s what America was built on. You think everyone from Minnesota knows how to dance? Clog, maybe. Dance? Not a chance. But bad dance moves are better than no dance moves. Think about Patrick Dempsey in Can’t Buy Me Love. The guy learned how to dance by watching the African Anteater ritual. And you know what? It worked.

So be that person. Set down your beer and be weird on the dance floor. It could pay off. You could end up getting the girl (or the guy).

Your barn dancing is about being entertained. It’s about coming together and being a part of the community. You don’t have to do any organized dancing, though you may want to bust out the Watermelon Crawl at least once. It’s about spending time with those who are closest to you. Oh, you’re new in town? There’s no better way to get to know your neighbors than with a barn dance. Add that you will have beer and BBQ on hand and it’s guaranteed that you’ll have a turnout. Because ‘Merica.

You can’t really claim that you were born in the USA until you’ve donned a cowboy hat and danced on a barn floor at least once. You can drink that crappy canned beer that’s cheaper than bread or you can buy the fancy, local stuff. Smoke a brisket, grill some burgers, and have yourself a good old-fashioned dance. You might be surprised by who shows up and knows how to dance. People dance because it’s fun. Listening to some rock and drinking some beer is one of the best ways to relax. All you gotta do is figure out where the nearest dance is to make it happen. Otherwise, make your own dance.

Barn Dance Couple

You’re Gonna Need a Barn if You Want to Have a Barn Dance

You do have a barn…don’t you? A pole barn can ensure you have the latest and greatest sustainable building. Plus, at Sherman Pole Buildings, we’ll see to it that you can customize every little detail. When you have a high-quality barn in place, you won’t have to worry about your festivities getting rained out, either.

Your barn can be as big as you want. There can be multiple areas, too. Have a stage for the band. Ensure that there’s room for a full food spread. You can even have plumbing run to the building for bathrooms. Even skylights can be added so that you can dance under the moonlight. We’ll work through all the plans with you so that a pole barn is created to your specifics. It can be multi-purpose, too. Host a dance on the weekends and get some work done on the weekdays. Sounds just about perfect, doesn’t it?

Now, you gotta ask yourself an important question. How are you going to break in your new pole barn in Texas, Minnesota, or anywhere else? With rock and roll, of course. Break out the beer. Light the fire. Book the band. You’re hosting a barn dance, and everyone’s invited.