We all want our homes to be Paradise City.

We all want our homes to be Paradise City. It’s the place where the grass is green and our homes have all the comforts we could ask for. Whether your home is in Northwest Wisconsin, Minnesota, or even down south in Texas, the reality is that we expect our home to be paradise.

Paradise isn’t always where we want to be. We sit with our feet up in our recliners, listening to 80s hairbands, and fantasize about other places.



Oh, Won’t You Take Me Somewhere Fun?

Work, work, work. How is this paradise when all I do all day long is work? When I’m finally done with work, I clean the house, do laundry, and cook meals. This is hardly the life I envisioned for myself. I deserve better. I deserve to have some fun.

We’re pushin’ for the fortune and fame so that we can afford the kind of fun we’ve been dreaming about.

What’s that you say? We can take a vacation? Done. Take me somewhere fun. Take me to paradise – I’ve got two tickets.

Your paradise might be different from mine. And, it has nothing to do with money. Fortune and fame aren’t necessary. All you really need is a few days off and a bit of creativity.

We can go on all sorts of adventures. Cruises, road trips, ATV rides through the jungle, or camping in the middle of nowhere. We get dirty, we stay away from work for a few days, and we let our batteries recharge.

Paradise City

You might want to go fly fishing in Northwest Wisconsin or, you might want to go river tubing in Texas. You might even want to go water skiing in Minnesota. Do what you want to do as long as it’s relaxing. After all, there’s nothing worse than getting stressed when you’re supposed to be chilling.

We need our vacations. We need a chance to enter paradise…or at least our version of it. Any time we can escape from the chores of home, it’s paradise. With the wind in our hair and the sun on our faces, we get a chance to breathe deeper and live freer. We’re not at the mercy of a timeclock.

It comes down to this: wherever my travels may lead, paradise is where I am.

Take me home

Nevermind, I Wanna Go Home

You worked hard to get your home to be the comforting oasis that it is. The recliner is just right. Your thermostat is set to the perfect temperature. Your pantry is filled with all of your favorite snacks.

At some point on vacation, you start to miss home. You realize that paradise was temporary and the real one is waiting at your house, missing you as much as you miss it.

We have our fun. Then, it’s time to get back to reality. The call gets louder and louder the longer you stay away from home. Something eventually kicks in to say that it’s time to get home. It might be the desire to soak in your own tub. It might be missing a family pet. It may even be an upcoming game that you want to watch on the big screen.


Or, your vacation might be up. Your budget is dry. Back to life, back to reality.

Paradise City is your home. It’s where you hang your heart.

Take me home.

Make Your Home the Paradise It Deserves to Be

Okay, so your home may not exactly be a Caribbean island. There might not be anyone walking around with a tray of daiquiris waiting to cater to your every need. That doesn’t mean that it can’t be your own personal oasis.

Look around. What is it that you can do to relax a bit more? Sure, there’s the honey-do list. Dig deeper, though.

At Home

Perhaps you should paint your living room or den a nice, tranquil color. Choose a light blue or aqua to remind you of the water at your favorite beach. Choose a bright yellow to remind you of sunny days at the park.

Perhaps you need a more comfortable place to sit. You might want to invest in a dival for the entire family to pile on. Or, maybe it’s time to get one of those leather reclining chairs, complete with a cup holder and a phone charger.

You work hard, so you should have a place that you can sit back and relax in. If your home is incapable of providing you with the welcoming arms you need, it’s time to make some changes. Get the whole family involved. Ask what they need to feel more comfortable. With a little bit of effort, everyone can pitch in and create the home you’ve always wanted.

Bring My Fun Home, Too

Home is where we live. It’s where we relax. However, it’s also where we have the most fun. Memories are created inside of our home every single day. And when we have more fun, the memories hold a higher level of importance. They’ll put a smile on our faces many years from now.

We have to be creative about how we have our fun. It’s the only way that we can achieve balance. Especially when it seems like chores eat up all of our waking hours when we’re not working, we need something to look forward to.

Guns N’ Roses had it right when they begged “oh, won’t you please take me home.”

Axl Rose

Staying home can be fun, as long as we get a break from the chores.

That’s when a pole barn can come into play. It’s a way to guarantee a bit of excitement.

Sure, it may look like a garage or a storage building. However, it’s what houses all of your hopes and dreams. It’s the ticket to paradise, right in your backyard. Whether you need two tickets, four tickets, or more, they’re all within reach. All you have to do is walk over to it.

Inside, you can store everything that allows you to forget about the stress of the workday. It rewards you after you’ve completed all of your chores.

Fishing poles, jet skis, camping equipment, and even a boat or an RV. It can all be stored inside of a barn.

There Are No Rules With A Pole Barn

There are no rules with a pole barn, either. Perhaps your home is just too small to have the recreational space you’ve dreamed of. A barn can quickly be transformed into paradise.

Choose the flooring you want. Run some electricity to it. You can have a pool table, a big screen, and anything else that you want inside. It can be your man cave, your she-shed, or just the home away from home that you’ve been desperately seeking.

Vacations are great, but they don’t happen nearly often enough.

In the United States, most employers only provide two weeks of paid vacation. And if you’re self-employed, you’re not getting any.

Working our fingers to the bone is hardly a healthy way to live. We might as well be strapped in the chair of the city’s gas chamber. We have to bring paradise to us, and it’s closer than you might think.

Grass is Green

Paradise Looks Like a Pole Barn

Sherman Pole Buildings can bring you to Paradise City. Well, it’s more that we can bring Paradise City to you. We’ll take you home. We’ll even help you customize it. Then, you can look out the window and realize that the grass is already green. You can take a stroll through the doors of the barn and have a party.

Grab your favorite toys or head inside for some much-needed rest and relaxation. Invite some friends over. Enjoy your oasis to the fullest. The chores can wait a few hours. They’ll go faster when you’re rested, anyway.

Procrastination can get you into trouble, and it works both ways.

Procrastinate on your chores and that list will grow longer than you care to ever deal with.

Procrastinate on taking a vacation and you’ll never get anywhere.

Here’s the greatest thing about a pole barn: procrastination goes out the window. You can handle your chores and de-stress without having to leave your property.

When you’re ready to experience your own version of paradise, we’re here to talk to you about the variety of options available and the depth of our experience.

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