Are You Ready For Some Football?

It’s the start of the NFL season, and that means it’s time to prepare for football. Whether you’re heading to the football stadium to watch the game or inviting the boys over, it’s all about knowing what foods to make. Nothing quite says football like tailgating snacks.

At Sherman Pole Buildings, we’re all about football season. If you’re ready for some football, we want to do a quick inventory to make sure you’re as ready as you think you are.


Snack On

Snacks and tailgating foods are an important component of football and it’s important to draw the right inspiration. That’s when it’s best to turn to Ted Nugent. The singer turned chef has the cookbook out, “Kill It and Grill It.” This is a chance to take your rewards from hunting season to the next level as you serve them up to satisfy the munchies during halftime.

How can you possibly enjoy a touchdown if you don’t have something to shove into your mouth afterward? If you’ve already caught wild game or fish, it’s likely sitting in your freezer, taking up space. This is why you can look to Ted Nugent to learn what suggestions he might have on what to do with it all.

If you’ve never experienced the flavor of Texas Wild Boar BBQ or a Sexfried Fishslab, it’s time to fire up the grill before the next game and get to cooking.

Let’s do a review. You’ve got a cookbook to turn to for food inspiration? Check it off.

Get Team Specific

You have to acknowledge your team’s go-to favorites. There’s no way to call yourself a fan unless you’re serving up some of the most popular items. If you’ve ever been to the stadium in Dallas, Minneapolis, or elsewhere, you know what the hot dishes are.

If you’re a Cowboys fan, that means a big bowl of chili. Of course, you can use what you have acquired from hunting season in it, too. After all, venison chili can be a delicious way to cheer for your team. Pigs in a blanket can be another favorite, and they can be made easily enough.

Dallas Cowboy's Cheerleaders

If you’re a Vikings fan, you can always choose to go overboard with purple and gold. You can stick with classics, too, like deviled eggs and hoagies piled high with roast beef (or a bit of roast beast if you had a successful hunting trip last weekend).

If you have a sweet tooth, you don’t have to deny it during the game, either. Keep it simple with chocolate-covered pretzels or get fancy by grabbing a cake that has your team’s logo elegantly decorated in the center. If your football buddies say you’re getting too fu-fu for them, cut them a slice. They’ll shut up the moment the buttercream frosting touches their tongue.

Okay, you’ve got your team jersey on. The Vikings or Cowboys schedule is pinned to your fridge. You know what you’re making to feed everyone during the game, right? Check that off your mental list.

Viking Mascot

Cue Up the Game

You’re getting all of the guys together and you need a place to watch the game on the big screen. Your local bar is way too busy and they price gouge the beers when football is playing. At home, there simply isn’t enough room for you to have people over and have room for all of the snacks you want to serve.

After asking everyone else, they look at you to come up with the place where they’re going to watch the game. That’s when you decide that you need a football den. Think of it as a man cave, though everyone is welcome as long as they plan on watching the game. The moment someone says they missed the biggest play of the game because they were playing on their phone, you can kick them out of your den.

But wait! You don’t have a football den!

That’s okay. That’s when it’s beneficial to have a pole barn. These steel buildings can serve virtually any purpose you need them to serve. They can be the storage shed for the RV that you use to tailgate at the football stadiums. They can also be your football den so that you can decorate it with football memorabilia and plenty of seating for you and all of your friends. With a bit of electricity running to it, you can have a crockpot filled with chili warming up as well as a kegerator with your favorite draft beer on the side.

A pole barn can be customized to meet your needs in terms of size, aesthetics, and the various details on the interior.

So, let’s do a check for your game day location. You’ve got a spot to hold the football viewing, right? Make a big checkmark so that you can move onto inviting everyone over.

Texans logo

Enjoy the Game

With plenty of ideas on how to take your deer and other hunting hauls to the BBQ grill, you can make some of the most fantastic tailgating treats. Then, with some of your team favorites, it’s a way to make sure that no one can deny your invitation to watch the game.

When you need a pole barn in your backyard to make your NFL viewing pleasure more exciting, Sherman Pole Buildings is here to help you every step of the way.

Make it fun for when you invite everyone over. Tell them to bring something, whether it’s cheese-covered tater tots or a six-pack of craft beer from the Eastlake Craft Brewery. You can make it fun to watch any game, whether your team is set to play the Packers, the Redskins, or anyone else.

Football is about to get a whole lot more exciting this year. Between new food to try (thanks, Mr. Nugent) and a great place to watch the game, it’s hard to ask for better. We’re here to help you with all of your football den needs (and other storage solutions, too). If you do end up getting a game-watching party together, don’t forget to throw an invitation our way. We have our Vikings jerseys on standby.