Redneck Yachtclub

Who needs all that foo-foo of a yacht club? With everyone dressed up in blazers and dock shoes, just to socialize with people? Please. A yacht club is for the ultra-snooty. It’s for the people who think that the only good meal is served to them from within the yacht club by a Michelin-star chef on fancy china.

Don’t people know that the best food is the food that you catch yourself? Some boiled crawdaddies or some fried gator tail makes the best grub. If it were up to me, I’d build myself a redneck yachtclub. It would be a chance to get out onto the local lakes and rivers of Texas. There may not be traditional beaches but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the water. In fact, it’s better this way. I’ll tell you why, too.

What to Expect Out of a Redneck Yachtclub

Your yacht club is what you make of it. You decide who can enter. You decide what the dress code is. Ripped jeans and t-shirts may be a requirement, and shoes have to be left on the shoreline. You call the shots. Whatever you decide, the real fun is what happens on the water.

Whether you’re in TX or any other state that’s not known for beaches, you can find rivers and lakes. These make for great party spots because you can take your tubes and floats out on the water. While some people will have rides with engines, there’s no need to be fancy.

Yachts are designed to be a place to party because of their size. You don’t need a yacht to make a party on the water, though. All you need is a pile of bungee cords and some rope. Let everyone join their floats together. It’s an instant party. Someone’s bound to have a waterproof speaker with them. Someone else will have a cooler filled with beer that miraculously floats on the water. Before you know it, you have a redneck yacht floating in the middle of the lake. It’s the best way to spend a hot summer day.

Pole Barn Houseboat

Enjoying the Water by Tube or by Jet Ski

Although all the snooty people with more money than sense will tell you that the Atlantic or the Pacific waters are the only places to party, you can show them up. There’s just as much fun to be had on Canyon Lake, Guadalupe River, Cannon Falls, or anywhere else. You decide where you want to go.

Grab a tube and let the water tell you where it wants to take you. Grab a jet ski and direct yourself on the water. Whatever you choose to do, do it with style.

The point is you should be able to enjoy the water in a way that is simple. You don’t need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a yacht. You don’t need deckhands to take care of your needs. The fun you want to have is simpler. It may involve an air pump instead of a gas engine, but who cares? It’s eco-friendly and it’s a whole lot of fun. Plus, the money you save on gas can be used on beer, right?

Social Distancing at Its Best

Every time I turn on the news, I hear someone complaining about going somewhere and seeing groups of people. Social distancing has become the new norm, and, for some reason, people are struggling with it. While the redneck yacht club can be a great way to meet like-minded individuals, it’s also a chance to be on your own. Plant yourself in the middle of an inner tube and float out into the middle of the lake. You’re nowhere near other people. Problem solved.

Even as a family, you can grab your floats and inner tubes. Spread out across the lake in your Redneck Yachtclub. Other families are out there? No problem. Once upon a time, you could tether your floats together to have one big ‘ol party. Now, you just wave from a distance. Tip your cap, hold up your beer, and give them a social distancing-style cheers. There’s no contact, but there is still the fun and excitement of being out on the water.

The pandemic has taught us that the internet is what keeps us all connected. Depending on what vessel you decide to take out onto the water, you can even get some work done. If you have a pontoon boat, grab your laptop. You can drift into the middle of a Minnesota lake to work on spreadsheets or send emails. It’s safer than going into the office, and it allows you to stay connected to everyone.

Distance yourself from the world but have fun while you do it. Rednecks enjoy themselves whether they’re working or playing, and you can take a few pointers by heading to the nearest body of water.

Pole Barns Make Great Yacht Clubs

The thing about a yacht club is that it’s a great place to do things. You can store your boat there, have food prepared for you, and mingle with friends. When you want the same kind of thing without the foo-foo, you can build your own yacht club, redneck-style.

The pole barn can be built to your specifications as a place for you to store your tubes, floats, pontoons, and anything else that you use to enjoy yourself on the water. You can also use the barn as a way to cook up some of your favorite food. Store your smokers and fryers out there. Add a few tables and chairs so that you can invite all of your friends. That is, invite your friends over when social distancing rules have been lifted. After all, you don’t want your yacht club shut down for breaking pandemic rules.


At Sherman Pole Buildings, we can build you the kind of redneck clubhouse you want for all your storage and socializing needs. Forget about joining a fancy club where they have dress codes and matching forks. We’re here to help you build something that’s more your style in Texas or Minnesota.