Barn in the USA isn’t just a catchy song.

How much? You want me to pay how much for a home in the USA? Most people go through serious sticker shock when they find out that buying a home is more expensive than they thought it would be.

Financial planners love to tell you that it makes sense to buy instead of rent. It ensures that you put your money toward your investment instead of throwing it away every month. If you’re like many, you have to provide a little reminded to your family: Remember, as far as anyone knows, we’re a nice normal family.

Home Prices Are Up Almost Everywhere

There’s no reason why you can’t have a nice home and stay within your budget. Don’t let the real estate agents of the world tell you how much you “have” to spend on a home. You already know what you can afford. And, you already know the features you want to have in a home.

You just have to redefine your idea of what a home should be.

Barn in the USA isn’t just a catchy song. It’s also what you need to think about when you start your next home search.

Welcome to Our Farmhouse…It’s a Barn

Call it what you will – it’s a shouse, a pole barn home, or a barndominium.

Barndominiums are all the rage and for quite a few reasons. Essentially, it’s a pole barn that is also a home. You can have all the rooms you need and want – bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, and plenty of living space. The only difference is that the cost is considerably cheaper than traditional homes.

Why spend that kind of money when there’s another option?

Made in America

Barndominiums are going to last a lifetime because of the steel framing. They’ll last against the elements of the snow in Minnesota or the hot sun in Texas.

Oh, and the builds will take a lot less time. This means that you can get moved into your new barndo without having to wait close to a year. The open floor plans reduce construction times. Without having to rent for all of those extra months, you can put that money toward decorating. Your financial planner will be so thrilled with you.

You don’t have to tell people that you live in a barn

Of course, you don’t have to tell people that you live in a barn. Who does that? You don’t tell people that you’re building a barn. You tell them you’re building a home. After all, it’s the home that you’ll be moving into. It’ll have a kitchen and all of the important components that you need to live your life.

Pole Barn Builders

When people come over for the first time, they’ll see a home, not a barn. Of course, they might ask some questions. They won’t be able to control themselves. They’ll ask things like why you’re not living in a traditional community, who your homebuilder was, and how you got such incredible detail. What you tell them is up to you. You’re allowed to create some intrigue. Tell people that you custom built your home. It’s not only the truth but they’ll assume that you paid hundreds of thousands of dollars more than you really did.

Keep it simple, stupid. Welcome to our farmhouse. That’s all you need to say. People won’t know it’s a barn unless you tell them it is.

Country Roads Take Me Home (Forget the Subdivisions)

Did you know that one of the most expensive aspects of today’s homes is all of the other added costs? Subdivisions might be pretty to look at, but they can be expensive. Sure, they’ve got community pools and beautiful landscaping. But, you’re paying for all of those with homeowner association dues.

The beauty of a barndominium is that you can have one where you want one. Maybe your family owns hundreds of acres of property out in the middle of Nowhere, Texas. With a quick letter to the county, you can have your very own address on that property and, plop! The pole barn house is constructed on any plot of dirt that you want.

Yeah, USA!

Of all the roads you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt. There are more adventures to be had. If you always follow the black asphalt, you’re only going to find the roads that others have already discovered. If you decide to barn in the USA, you can create your own path. It allows you to tell your story without borrowing from someone else’s.

You get to put your roots down where you want. Then, add character. Sprinkle in some landscaping and add a pool. Or, choose to build the barn where there are already trees and a beautiful lake. You call the shots when you’re not inside of a subdivision. Those country roads will treat you right as long as you know how to use them.

Life is Better on the Porch…and In a Home You Can Afford

Forget about what you think you know about a shed house. It’s not a teeny tiny little home that will blow down at the first storm. It’s also not as teeny or tiny as many TV shows will have you believe. Shed houses are gaining in popularity because they offer the possibilities you want.

Now, let us tell you about what you can really expect:

  1. Your dream home can be constructed in just months.
  2. You’re in control of the full design.
  3. You can have all the space that you can imagine.
  4. Decide on all of the custom details, inside and out.

Interior Pole Barn Home

You could sit on the porch of your barndominium

Think about how exciting life could be if you could sit on the porch of your barndominium. Get a few rocking chairs. Sip some lemonade. Yes, you really can have a porch on your barndo. You want it to wrap all the way around the perimeter? Just say the word and it can be customized so that you get what you want.

You’ll be able to enjoy those sips of lemonade a lot more when you know that the cost of a shed house is only a fraction of the cost of a traditional house. Think of what you could do with that savings. You could have another shed constructed next to it for the storage of your toys. ATVs, snowmobiles, a boat, an RV, and more.


Post Frame Residence

When you save, you have more money for toys. It allows you to live your life. If you’re barn in the USA, you can also discover the USA. You set up your barn and, then, you decide where you want to vacation. Visit Minnehaha Falls, camp at Gooseberry Falls State Park. Embark on a trip to The Alamo or discover why Austin is determined to keep it weird. Explore the state you live in and beyond. And don’t forget to take some of the dirt roads so you can find your own way around.

Dreaming of being a homeowner is part of the American dream. What no one tells you is that being a homeowner doesn’t have to put you in escrow and debt for the next 30 years.

US Flag in Barn

Forget about subdivisions. Forget about realtors. Instead, learn about how to get a home built with the highest standards while being able to customize each and every detail. Call it a barndo, a shouse, or just a pole barn house. At Sherman Pole Buildings, we’ll introduce you to our exquisite quality as we show you that being a homeowner is more affordable than you thought possible.

Contact us today and learn how barns aren’t just for your livestock.