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Buy Me A Boat

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Money May Not Buy Happiness, But It'll Buy Me A Boat They say money can’t buy happiness. Eh, I beg to disagree. Maybe having $100 million in the bank account won’t bring me happiness, but you know what? It can buy me a boat. And a boat can bring me happiness. There’s something about being

Shells Sink. Dreams Float. Life’s Good on Our Boat.

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When the air is warm and the wind is in your hair, life is grand. You can spend time on the beach, plucking seashells out of the sand. You can sit on the deck of your boat, dreaming of a simpler life where all you have to do is throw out an anchor to enjoy

Where the Boats go Home

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SAY NO TO EASY FISH From the earliest times when men and fish discovered each other, men have gone fishing. It is commonly held that this is the reason that women discovered shoe stores. Originally the fishing was easy, especially in the summer time. Men would hang about at water’s edge and physically wrestle with

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