From the earliest times when men and fish discovered each other, men have gone fishing. It is commonly held that this is the reason that women discovered shoe stores. Originally the fishing was easy, especially in the summer time. Men would hang about at water’s edge and physically wrestle with the fish. Obviously this method favored the more physically fit, brawny types, leaving a sour taste in the mouths of men who weren’t fit to be in the brawny category. Clearly, the sour taste is because they had resorted to eating lemons without any fish.

Soon enough the fish tired of being easy. They decided it was time to get more respect from men who had gotten careless and disrespectful around the easy fish. The chase was on. Necessity being known as the mother of invention, led the men to invent boats to chase the fish which had ventured farther and farther afield. Once they discovered the adrenaline of the chase, men were hooked and no longer cared for the idea of the easy fish – except in moments of desperation.


Boats leveled the playing field. Tall men and short men, lazy men and industrious men, fit men and fat men all could equally venture out upon the waters to fish to their hearts content. Any type of man could catch any type of fish in this equal opportunity environment. Even a woman or two was known to venture out into the world of fishing. Though men weren’t initially thrilled at this new development.

At first the boats were primitive rafts, lashed together with reeds and driftwood. Comfort, safety and durability were all compromised in this type of vessel. Plus, it was tough to hang on to your beer on a raft. In the ensuing series of innovations, the fishing boat would evolve in grandeur and scope to the point where men abandoned fishing altogether and just opted for the boat. Women loved the less primitive boat as well. Women are fans of anything less primitive.

With such advanced boats and the ensuing boat love, men and women were soon thinking of ways to protect their precious boats from the elements, some of which do not qualify as “elements” in the strictest sense of the word. All of which explains how important Sherman Pole Buildings has been to the world of boating. For several decades Sherman Pole Buildings have been in the thick of things, keeping boats and their owners safe from the elements.