I think most of you already know the first rule of The Assumption Club. If you don’t, well, that’s going to be on me. Assumptions can go very well or go very badly. Often, it’s fun to simply let people assume what they will of you or a particular situation and then sit back to see how it all plays out.

CC Hunter once said, “But you are making assumptions without all the facts, and that’s not a sign of intelligence.”

Getting a bit more of the facts before you start assuming is a smart tactic to take in every aspect of life.

You wouldn’t want to risk your life in the hands of someone with a stethoscope around their neck without knowing that they’re a doctor, right? There could be countless reasons for that accessory, including that they just came from a costume party. If they give you a checkup, it could end up getting very awkward.

Let’s Work without the Assumptions

We cannot assume that all buildings are created equally. To do that would be to end up with a building that is ill-equipped to get the job done. Some buildings can leak. Others can rust. And some could fall apart with a strong enough wind. Just think of the story with the Three Little Pigs. Each of them made assumptions that they could build the strongest home. It took a wolf showing up to prove to them just how wrong their assumptions were.

“If we worked on the assumption that what is accepted as true really is true, then there would be little hope for advance.” – Orville Wright

Many people have what they consider “their truth.” That means that there’s likely someone in Sherman Country who believes that his shed, which he made out of wood with his own two hands, is a superior shed.

Life is like a box of chocolates… You have a vague assumption of what you’re going to get but in the end you’re always disappointed.

If we worked upon his assumption that the shed was amazing, we would have never gone on to build steel buildings and create Sherman Pole Buildings. The pole barn would never have been created, and that means that people would have to find out the hard way that some buildings and sheds simply aren’t built to withstand all the elements.

We couldn’t imagine doing that to people, which is why we often work without making assumptions.

Assumption Club

That’s What She Shed

If you’re into childish humor, you’re likely a fan of saying, “That’s what she said” after what seems like an innocent statement. It suddenly turns it into an innuendo. Some people laugh and some people gasp with mock horror after sprinkling that into a conversation.

Now, most people will assume that we’re a bit childish at Sherman. We’ll allow those assumptions simply because we have a tendency to laugh at all the wrong things. After all, we are the company that is responsible for “Quality Erections” billboards all around Minnesota and Wisconsin. We’re not going to apologize for that kind of humor, either. It’s funny, and you know it.

When it comes to quality erections, we have a response when people talk about them: That’s What She Shed.

You see what we did there, right?

There will be the people who drive by and make the assumption that we made a typo. They’ll laugh and carry on as though we’re the stupid ones.

Then, there will be the others who talk about she sheds and how they are the greatest invention since the man cave. They’ll laugh at our sheer genius catchphrase and want to know everything they can about a Sherman pole barn.

If you’re part of the latter group, we’re glad you’re here. Please assume everything that you’ve heard about us is true.

She Shed

She Sheds…Not Just for the “She” in the Household

She sheds are typically one-room spaces that can be used to provide a space to get away from it all. It typically has a female connotation simply because of the “she” in it. These spaces aren’t going to be as manly as man caves, so if there’s a TV inside, it’s likely playing a Hallmark movie rather than a Vikings game. If there’s a hobby taking place within it, it’s likely watercolor painting or herb drying as opposed to cigar smoking or beer drinking.

Of course, we’re making some wild assumptions here. Who are we to say what happens inside of a she shed? It could be used for absolutely anything, and there’s no reason for it to be used by women only.

The she shed, in theory, is for a woman to get away from the world, including her husband and children. It is possible, however, that the shed be used as a place for the kids to play, for women to gather, or even for husband and wife to go to chill as an alternative to the main home.

With Sherman Pole Buildings, it’s possible to create the pole barn with the specifications that you want. It allows you to have the size space that works for you and all of your creative energies. Plus, it can have as many doors and windows as you wish, making it so that you can personalize the vibe.


New Year New Shed

A new year and a new beginning is upon us, so it’s the perfect time to start discussing a new project for your property. Whether you’re in Minnesota or Wisconsin, you can have a she shed built on your property, offering all sorts of possibilities.

We won’t assume what you’ll do with the shed. That’s for you to figure out, and you don’t have to tell us anything. Well, you have to at least tell us some of the specifications because we can’t build what we don’t know.

Since it’s the time of year when people are more likely to give you cookies, brownies, pie, or something else made with love, we’ve also decided that we should clear up a particular assumption.

“Homemade with love” absolutely means that someone licked the spoon and kept on using it.

So, let’s talk pole barns, shall we?

Assumption Club