Adventure Awaits in Minnesota’s Playground

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Get Your Pole Barn in Brainerd (Minnesota’s Playground) Many people make the assumption that only kids should have access to a playground. How is that fair? Adults work hard…and they should be able to play just as hard. Okay, so most adults aren’t looking for swings and slides. They want a bit more excitement, and

She’s My Sweet Little Thing, She’s My Pride and Joy

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You know…it’s funny how songs are written. They can be inspired by the craziest things, such as your pride and joy. And boy, do we have to get something off of our chests. It’s time that we talk about Stevie Ray Vaugh and one of his most well-known songs. Most people think that “Pride and

Buy Me A Boat

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Money May Not Buy Happiness, But It'll Buy Me A Boat They say money can’t buy happiness. Eh, I beg to disagree. Maybe having $100 million in the bank account won’t bring me happiness, but you know what? It can buy me a boat. And a boat can bring me happiness. There’s something about being

The Only Thing Better Than Bacon Is Bacon Wrapped In Bacon

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Bacon Wrapped Bacon America has been having a love affair with bacon for the past few decades. Everyone has a preference on how they like it, too. Exploring the sinfully delightful aspect of this pork-based meat is something that Minnesotans and others have been doing for a while.  How do you like your bacon? Admit

Barn in the USA

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Barn in the USA isn’t just a catchy song. How much? You want me to pay how much for a home in the USA? Most people go through serious sticker shock when they find out that buying a home is more expensive than they thought it would be. Financial planners love to tell you that

Take A Walk In The Woods

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Take A Walk In The Woods Outside, the woods are my refuge. Some people stay inside, playing on their Xbox and eating delivery pizza by the box. I’d rather be lost in the woods than found in the city. The smell of dry leaves in the air and the feel of fresh sap on my

Please Take Note, These Are The Good Old Days.

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Looking back is always about the “good old days.” The reason they’re good is because of seizing the day and making the most out of it. Living with regret is no way to live. We’re in crazy times right now. In a week, a month, a year, or even a decade, it’s important to know

Times Have Changed, Think Inside The Box

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What's going in your Pole Barn? Think Inside The Box. Every business teacher and mentor over the years told you that the only way for you to get ahead in life is to think outside of the box. We’re here to set the record straight once and for all. Thinking outside of the box only

Minnesota Sports An Interesting History

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Sports fanatics across the state of Minnesota may not know the interesting history of how so many of the sports came to be. It almost always involved a few Wild fellas who were bored. Considering how cold it gets in the winter, there’s plenty of energy by the time spring rolls around. Some got creative

Skijoring Is Not Boring

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Skijoring sounds like something that you’d mumble under your breath when your girlfriend tries to talk you into taking her to a ski resort. However, it’s actually a cool sport. The thing about it is that it looks as though it’s a sport that was created after a long night of drinking. And who knows,

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