What’s going in your Pole Barn?
Think Inside The Box.

Every business teacher and mentor over the years told you that the only way for you to get ahead in life is to think outside of the box. We’re here to set the record straight once and for all. Thinking outside of the box only gets you so far. At some point, you actually have to go full circle. This means that you’ll have to think inside of the box in order to think outside of the box. Pretty deep, huh?

If you keep thinking outside of the box, you’re going to run into some really weird ideas for different things. Let’s think about a few different concepts and how thinking outside of the box really got them into trouble.

Restaurants Don’t Belong Out of a Box

String of lights

When people want to eat, they go to a restaurant that looks inviting. If it looks too far from the norm, people may try it to be different. In the end, they’re going to go to the tried and true concept because it’s what they expect.

Restaurant owners have gone for the bizarre over the years, creating restaurants out of old prisons, blocks of ice, and even airplanes that are permanently grounded. Heck, one restaurant in Taiwan has themed the chairs and tables to resemble toilets.

shed restaurant

Where you serve food matters. If you’re in Minnesota and want to branch out to something different, a pole barn could be an easy solution for you. If you’re in Texas and don’t want to be yet another steakhouse serving food out of a building shaped like a cowboy boot, you can learn how to be different by being basic.

As a restauranteur, you will want to think inside of the box with a metal building. It allows you to be unique and different without going so odd that people don’t understand why you chose that out of all places to be the location for your restaurant.

Personal Storage Shouldn’t Be Inconvenient

Sherman Garage

Many of the storage solutions that are available to you are shabby at best. You can choose an off-site storage facility, making it a huge ordeal just to access everything that you need. We shouldn’t have to drive away from your home each time you need to get something out of storage. Further, you shouldn’t have to settle for a plastic storage shed that can blow away in the Minnesota winds or melt under the Texas sun.

This is when you need to think inside the box for a steel building. One of these can be erected on your property to the specifications that you need. Barn doors to make it easy to bring in large loads can be added. Meanwhile, you can make sure that the dimensions are as wide, long, and tall as you need for everything that’s going to be stored in there.

The next time someone tells you to think outside of the box when you talk about personal storage, stick to your guns. This is definitely where a box is exactly what you need. There are some pretty stylish pole sheds for you to customize, too.

Man Caves and She Sheds Deserve Real Designs

She shed

When you want a man cave or a she shed, there’s no need to go thinking too far outside of the box. All of the best designs are ones that are, you guessed it, a box. A pole barn can be constructed on your property so that you can get away and have your own space. It can be as large as you need, be wired with electricity, and furnished to your liking.

There’s no need for you to pop up a tent and hide out in there when you want some alone time. You also don’t have to run away to a women’s retreat and spend thousands of dollars over the course of a single weekend. Those are only solutions when you decide that you have to think outside of the box when all you really want is a pole shed.

Modern Day Man Cave

A box may sound boring, but that’s when it’s up to you to make it your own. Think of a metal building as a blank canvas for you to do with it what you will. If you choose to decorate it while thinking outside of the box, you’ve accomplished your initial goal, right? Who cares what the actual shape of your solution is as long as you’re happy with it.

Sherman for the Win

inside out

We love to laugh in people’s faces when they tell us to think outside of the box because we, quite literally, love to think inside the box. After all, it’s what we do best. Sherman provides the box in order to help you make all of your dreams come true. You can turn it into a restaurant, a storage facility for all of your toys, or make it into the man cave or she shed that you’ve always wanted. Inside the box is where all of the magic happens. As soon as you start to think outside of the box, that’s when trouble starts. It’s where people start to talk about what in the heck you’re doing. You don’t want people pointing at your building and laughing all because you wanted to be original. If that happens, we might have to drive by and laugh, too.


Thinking outside of the box is completely over-rated because it doesn’t take into consideration the simplicity of a steel building that allows you to make it into the ideal building for all of your big plans. Let’s customize it to include all of the important details. That’s what we do at Sherman Pole Buildings. You tell us what you need, and we’ll make all of the customizations so that it’s perfect by the time you’re ready to move things into it.

Thinking inside of the box may just be the best thing that you’ve done all year. We’re here to help you show that being inside of the box is a pretty good place to be, too.

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