Get Your Pole Barn in Brainerd (Minnesota’s Playground)

Many people make the assumption that only kids should have access to a playground. How is that fair? Adults work hard…and they should be able to play just as hard.

Okay, so most adults aren’t looking for swings and slides. They want a bit more excitement, and that comes from spending time in the rugged outdoors.

Brainerd is known as Minnesota’s playground, so it’s a natural place to head. Located in Crow Wing County, it is one of the largest cities in the northern part of the state. Even more, it straddles the Mississippi River just upstream from where it merges with the Crow Wing River.

When you are itching for adventure and a slew of new tales to tell, a trip to Brainerd is a must.

Brainerd Summer Adventures with Minnesota Pole Barns

Summers are fun because it never gets into the triple digits. It allows you to play outside for hours on end without truly getting overheated. And, if you do start to break a sweat, there are plenty of places to go for a hand-scooped ice cream cone or a craft brew.

As for adventures, there are options whether you’re alone, with a group of adults, or traveling with the family.

Boating in Brainerd

Boating and water sports are abundant. Cruise out onto one of the lakes for some tubing or waterskiing. If you want to stay out of the water, there’s volleyball and outdoor music on almost every shore. If you want to go to a smaller lake, you can enjoy some solitude inside of a canoe or kayak.

Dozens of championship golf courses are found in the area, too. In fact, Golf Digest has ranked it as one of the most desirable golf destinations in the world.

Golfing in Brainerd

Of course, if you just want to do some hiking or bike riding, there are plenty of trails. You won’t want to forget about Paul Bunyan State Trail while you’re out and about, either.

Brainerd Winter Adventures with Minnesota Pole Barns

The cold winters of Minnesota just beg for you to spend some time outdoors. Of course, you’ll need a few extra layers. But, when you can be the first one to leave tracks in the freshly fallen snow, it’s all worth it.

Snowmobiling may be one of the top winter hobbies in Brainerd. Whether you bring your own or rent one while you’re here, you can find plenty of trails to go on. If you’re new to the area, you can also find organized tours to help you find your way.

Snowmobiling in Brainerd

Ice fishing is a sport of its own. You’ll know when the ice is thick enough to go out there when there are hundreds of others gathered onto the same lake. It’s a great way to meet the locals and make some new friends as you’ll be elbow to elbow with everyone as you drop your line.

How you seek adventure in this area of the state is entirely up to you. Play some ice hockey, do some snowboarding, or if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you can check the calendar of events for the annual Polar Plunge.

Ice Fishing in Brainerd

Embrace the Wildlife in Brainerd Minnesota

Whether you’ve lived in Minnesota all of your life or you have recently wandered into the state, you’ll notice something. There’s a lot of wildlife around. There are more birds and mammals than there are people, especially up in the Brainerd metropolitan area.
Go to fish, go to hunt, or go to hike. Whatever it is that you do, you’ll want to embrace the wildlife since it is everywhere you look.

The loon will be a bird that you’ll see with great frequency. It’s not only the state bird but it’s also a popular bird for this part of northern Minnesota. Though, don’t expect to see many after September as that is when they migrate toward their winter homes along the southern part of the Atlantic coast.

Prepare to see wildlife of all sizes:

  • Deer
  • Bear
  • Ruffed grouse
  • Otter
  • Waterfowl
  • Wild turkey

If you’re going to spend time on the lakes, some of the species of fish you’ll find include panfish, trout, walleye, Northern Pike, as well as large and smallmouth bass. If at first you don’t succeed at one lake, there are plenty of others to visit. You might want to plan some time at Pelican Lake, Gull Lake, and the Whitefish Chain.

Make the Most of Your Adventures in Brainerd Minnesota

Some of the best adventures are because you have the right toys. You might have fishing gear, a boat, and even a snowmobile. The more toys you have, the more adventures you can have all year round. However, you need a toy box that is big enough. Otherwise, you have to rent the toys, which can start to add up over time.

At Sherman Pole Buildings, we believe in providing adult toy boxes (a.k.a. Brainerd Minnesota Pole Barns), though we prefer to call them pole barns.

Four wheeling in Brainerd

Imagine what you can do with a pole barn. You can store all of your toys inside so that they’re ready to go for your next adventure. You can also turn your barn into a cabin so that you can be situated in the heart of the Brainerd Lakes area.

You deserve to enjoy adrenaline-racing action and mesmerizing relaxation. The beauty of Brainerd is that it offers it all to you. Fish, build campfires, hit the trails on an ATV or a snowmobile, and enjoy “Minnesota Nice.”

We’re here to build you a custom pole barn whether you want to use it for storage or a weekend getaway to become the sportsman you’ve always longed to be. We’ll take the time to show you our expert craftsmanship and help you explore the many ways in which you can make the space truly unique.

If Brainerd is going to be the home of your adventures year-round, let us help. With our structural and workmanship warranties, we offer some of the best pole barns in the business. More importantly, we can create a design that meets your specific budget, needs, and wants so that you can live life to the fullest.

Ice Cream in Brainerd