You’ve heard of the legend of Howie Dewitt, right? The master debater was all about debating a variety of topics, but sometimes, he didn’t have the strength to craft a compelling argument. In fact, he often created arguments where there didn’t need to be any.

Have you ever dealt with the straw man fallacies? It happens when someone wants to pick a fight when there shouldn’t have been any kind of debate, as well as when someone exaggerates an issue.

An elephant walks into the room. Let’s ignore it for now.

It can be frustrating, and Howie should have known better. The good news is that we can make sure that everyone knows how to make the Howie in their lives experience an awakening so that they can become a Steel Man.

Howie, the Straw Man

If you tell someone that you want an amazing building to store all of your winter and summer toys, there shouldn’t be any kind of debate. The person should be excited for you and even offer you some ideas.

Unfortunately, there is often a Straw Man who will knock your ideas down and even start an argument. That’s when you’ll hear a variety of things…

  • Buildings to store your toys are expensive, and you shouldn’t be spending that kind of money
  • Why would you take away a building that could be used for someone’s home just because you want toy storage?
  • Storage sheds are incapable of providing long-term storage

All of Straw Man’s comments are cheap tactics designed to discourage you from exploring what you really want.

Straw Man is assuming that the storage you want is expensive (and it doesn’t have to be).

There’s also the assumption that the building would otherwise be used for a home, and that’s not the case.

Further, Straw Man is incapable of believing that there’s more than one type of storage shed.

Shame on Howie Dewitt.


Howie, the Steel Man

Howie had an emotional awakening. He decided that he didn’t have to attack a comment. He learned that he could have an intelligent debate with someone rather than always trying to win.

Howie became a Steel Man, which led him to be a debater with strong arguments. He had valuable input to add to the discussion that made a person think twice about their current view.

Meeting Howie as a Steel Man would allow you to have a very different discussion about storage for your toys.

Steel Man might talk about how the various elements may affect your toys while they’re in storage. This would allow you to consider a more durable material.

Within the argument, you may also learn that there is the need for customization so that you can have the building you truly want rather than setting for the standard sheds within the marketplace.

You may even win the debate once you learn about all that Sherman Pole Buildings can offer you.

There’s something truly exciting about interacting with the Howie in your life who has already had an emotional awakening. Steelmanning inside of a healthy debate allows both of you to come to an understanding. You both respect what the other one is saying, and you understand both sides.

Now, brace yourself for reality. It’s very rare that you’ll find steelmanning and the ability to have a healthy debate. Many people will take cheap shots just so that they feel better about themselves. It’s frustrating, and you may even want to resort to strawmanning just so you can get a win. Take the high road, no matter what.

Whirled Peas

This is How We Do It in Sherman Country

If Howie Dewitt focused on quality erections, he would have been steelmanning long ago. Unfortunately, it took him far too long to learn that strawmanning would only win him a debate, not any kind of respect.

In order to gain respect, you need a strong argument, a quality erection, and perhaps a pole barn. When you have that combination, you’re definitely winning at life, especially if that pole barn is from us at Sherman Pole Buildings.

It’s important to remember that whenever you engage in a conversation with someone, they could be either version of Howie. You won’t know until you’ve already said a few things. At that point, you have to hold your breath and prepare for what they may spew. Hopefully, you’ll be met with the more educated and evolved version of Howie.

If it’s about building a pole barn or a she shed, just know that you can never be wrong when you opt for what we have at Sherman. For over 40 years, we’ve been crafting amazing barns and buildings of steel. They are durable against the elements and fully customizable, so you get the space you truly want. Plus, you can allow us to take care of the details, or you can jump into DIY mode once the building has been erected.

We have some parting advice for you:

“Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.” ― Mark Twain

We don’t want you to argue with an idiot about anything. It’s only going to frustrate you, and even though they’re a straw man, you’ll lose. While you may not lose the argument itself, you’ll lose your cool. You’ll lose your mind. You’ll lose something, and that’s just not a healthy way to live. Back away from the Straw Man.

Here’s the thing, though. Attacking a straw man is easier than addressing the real issue.

If your issue is that you need a she shed, a barndominium, or another structure that is not only built well but that can also be customized to your needs, don’t rely on just anyone. Don’t have the conversation with someone who may turn out to be weak-minded and exaggerate the issues. Let us help.

Let us show you why steelmanning (and steel building) is the way to go. After all, if strawmanning is a sign of intellectual dishonesty, then we’re the opposite – intellectual honesty.

Give us a call now so that we can talk to you more about how we do it here in Sherman Country.