Sherman was named a top barndominium expert by Redfin.

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Check out the recent Redfin article we were featured in: In recent years, barndominiums have gained tremendous popularity as a unique housing option that combines the rustic charm of a barn with the modern comforts of a home. These versatile structures have become a popular choice for individuals seeking a customizable, spacious, and cost-effective living

The Love Shack Is A Little Old Place Where We Can Get Together

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If you’re driving through Sherman Country, you might see a faded sign on the side of the road that tells you where you are. At that point, you might be about 15 miles to the love shack. It’s amazing that people have such love for our pole barns that they sing about it. In fact,

The Craftsman’s Series: Offering a DIY Barndominium

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DIY Barndominiums Just Got Easier The Craftsman Series: DIY Barndominiums is one of the easiest ways for you to embrace your creative side…and save some money along the way. You may do it with your landscaping, your decorating, and various other aspects within your home. What happens when you’re ready to build a home? There’s

Barn in the USA

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Barn in the USA isn’t just a catchy song. How much? You want me to pay how much for a home in the USA? Most people go through serious sticker shock when they find out that buying a home is more expensive than they thought it would be. Financial planners love to tell you that

A Weird Take on Hospitality

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Pole Building Bed & Breakfast Sometimes the things you ignore at home are the very same things that seem charming in a far-away destination. Such was the case with June and Keith. Leaving Minnesota’s ten thousand lakes behind, there they were in Europe where they found the bed and breakfast places on the waterfront to

The Esther Williams Surprise

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Barndominiums, Shouses, and other Pole Barn Houses On a tour of a certain well known faucet and fixtures company, Max and Kara oohed and aahed about the latest and greatest in bathroom styles. There were the new freestanding tubs with a definitely modern design. The company had taken geometrical shaping to an entirely different level.

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