Post frame construction refers to building pole barns, pole sheds, steel buildings, metal buildings, and any type of pole building, including pole barns homes.

Gimme Shelter

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Gimme Shelter When a storm is threatening to rain down on you, you don’t just stand there and get pelted by the water, do you? No. You run for shelter. It’s the common sense thing to do so that you don’t catch a cold. Well, that, and it can be quite awkward to walk around

Legends Are Made

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Be Legendary Legends are who we aspire to be, who we talk about to inspire others, and who leave an unforgettable impression on everyone within their field. As Barney Stinson would say, “Legen…wait for it…dary.” It’s something you strive to become, and why wouldn’t you? You don’t want to half-ass your way through life, do

You’re Not Gonna Like This Karen

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Quality Erections In Demand Have you ever noticed that some people are more in need of a quality erection than others? Let’s face it. Every Karen out there simply needs to see a tall edifice in her future. Perhaps, then, there will be less drama because of hearing something she doesn’t like. Sorry, Karen. We

It Is Like A Sauna In Here

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I Wanna Sauna When you’re in the middle of winter and snow is piling up high, the heat is definitely on. What’s fun about that, though? It’s certainly not helping your electric or gas bill. That’s when you can really embrace a fun little sport that involves getting really hot followed by getting really cold.

Decision 2020: This Year Your Choice Matters

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Decision 2020 You’ve got a big decision coming up. It’s not just an election year, it’s the time that you get your life back on track – and the right candidate can make a big difference. We know that there are all sorts of options out there. Every candidate has a list of what they

Pole Barns Make Excellent Storage or Commercial Buildings

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CUSTOM POLE BARNS When you're thinking of constructing a storage building to add to your current home or you would like to develop an inexpensive building for your business, you should better understand what pole barns are. Consider the kinds of costs associated with them and how long these buildings last. Pole buildings are considered

Common and Not So Common Uses for Outbuildings

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Real estate’s expensive anywhere you go, from Minnesota to Texas. This means you have to look at creating your own space with outbuildings. Homeowners are choosing to create pole barns for some of the more common uses. Then, business owners are getting creative with some of the not-so-common uses with the buildings, too. Storage Galore

Sherman Expands Operations to Texas

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Metal Pole Barns by Sherman Pole Buildings in the Republic of Texas SHERMAN POLE BUILDINGS Hey Y'all. Get excited about Texas Pole Barns! With over forty years of success in Minnesota, Sherman Pole Buildings is proud to launch operations in Texas. Our new location is on the east side of San Antonio Texas, and we

A Word from your Cold Weather Friends

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POLE BARNS ARE GREAT Hey there. Remember us? We’re your cold weather friends. Snowblowers, snowmobiles, snow shoes and the like. In other words, we’re your winter survival kit. We stuck with you through ice and snowstorm, sleet and biting cold, and that long, long winter. We were always up for the task on the coldest

Metal has Many Faces

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Metal Pole Buildings Sherman Pole Buildings installs, re-roofs, re-skins, and repairs metal pole buildings. Copper roofs have been around since the Duomo in Italy. And you can tell a copper roof by its colors. Metal roofing can be as varied as coffee flavors – almost. Copper, zinc and titanium are used in some specialized cases while

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