Post Frame Pool House

It is said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. But it’s probably a wise idea not to tell this to the people you’re planning to flatter in this way. This is where Mollie and Jim disagreed after attending a pool party at one of the other hockey parents’ homes. When Mollie said she’d like to revisit the idea of a pool for summer activities, Jim decided he should chat with the family about their pool and the charming little pool house. But Mollie thought this was bad social form. Mollie was always going on about correct social form.

“Pool owners always tell you how much work it is and how expensive it is to maintain a pool,” Mollie told Jim. “ She was never sure how it got to be that pool owners seemed to enjoy their pools and pool parties but as soon as someone asked, they were ready to tell you how much work and money were involved in its upkeep. Jim didn’t see anything wrong with seeking some practical advice but, being a peace-loving husband, he let that go.

Planning Pool Parties

Mollie found herself mentally planning pool related fun. A pool would be the center of a truly rocking summer. The kids could invite their friends for cool fun on hot days. The adults could have parties with music and drinks. She imagined menus of pool friendly foods. She mentally shopped for floating toys and chairs with drink holders. They could extend the fun with a slide and all sorts of floaty things. Plus there was the exercise angle – though that wasn’t as pleasant a thought.

In a short while the planning had become real and their pool was under construction. And then the pool was done. But the fun was not to be. Mollie felt the weather never seemed right. Those long, hot and humid summer days were few and far between. How was a person supposed to enjoy their lovely new pool in the rain and blustery, breezy days? Why did it seem like fall arrived in July that year? Maybe it had always been this way but you never notice till you’re waiting to enjoy your pool.

Mollie contemplated this state of affairs one day while enjoying an enclosed hotel pool area. What would stop someone from doing this at home? Why not convert to an indoor pool? Instead of a shed for storage, they could build a retreat. Add a hot tub. Waterslide. Bathroom and changing rooms. A kitchen area with a stone oven for home made pizza. A tiki bar for root-beer floats and other beer for floating as well. It would be like going on a tropical vacation right at home.

Sherman Builds Pool Pole Buildings

Mollie worried that Jim wouldn’t see her vision for this year-round entertainment center. So imagine her surprise when he informed her that it was just the thing he had also contemplated. He was sick of covering and uncovering the pool, and skimming leaves and junk from it. Plus, with a building, the whole problem of bugs would also be solved. “Not to mention we could have a ‘pool’ table,” Mollie said with a laugh. He had already discussed the idea with the folks at Sherman Pole Buildings. Such buildings were the best solution for changing an outdoor pool into an indoor fun center for the entire family. Mollie knew her pool parties would rock – in more ways than one.