Metal Pole Buildings

Sherman Pole Buildings installs, re-roofs, re-skins, and repairs metal pole buildings. Copper roofs have been around since the Duomo in Italy. And you can tell a copper roof by its colors. Metal roofing can be as varied as coffee flavors – almost. Copper, zinc and titanium are used in some specialized cases while aluminum and steel are more commonly used. In agricultural and commercial settings, corrugated steel panels are the preferred choice for barns, sheds and other structures. This roofing material lasts for several decades and it usually has a painted coating to prevent rusting and other damage. All metal roofing can be painted in desired colors.

In residential uses, metal roofing can be made in a variety of styles. A wide variety of coatings, paints, molding and cutting means that a metal roof can look like shingles, slate or tiles. Some metal shingles look almost identical to cedar shakes, while others look like old world Italian tiles or flat clay tiles or with different “rib” styles. There’s a metal roof for every personality. However, there is not necessarily a personality for every roof. Regardless, all metal roof styles are quite durable, able to withstand extreme weather conditions and more.