DIY Barndominiums Just Got Easier

The Craftsman Series: DIY Barndominiums is one of the easiest ways for you to embrace your creative side…and save some money along the way. You may do it with your landscaping, your decorating, and various other aspects within your home.

What happens when you’re ready to build a home? There’s the idea that you could work with your bare hands to create it from scratch. However, you may not be ready to take things quite that far. After all, there is a significant difference between excavating the land and laying flooring and installing cabinetry.

At Sherman Pole Buildings, we bring you The Craftsman Series. This is your chance to have the barndominium of your dreams…but with a DIY finish that allows you to work at a pace and on a budget that works for you.

What is The Craftsman Series?

If you’ve spent any time in Sherman Country, you already know that we offer pole barns. They can be used for residential, agricultural, and commercial purposes. You also know that we can provide custom-built homes, allowing you to have the blueprint that works for you – with all the features you’ve ever wanted.

Now, we’re going to offer you the chance to do the customization of a home on your own.

Within The Craftsman Series, we manage some of the major components for you:

  1. Land excavation
  2. Shell building
  3. Utility connections
  4. Installation of the sheetrock and drywall


DIY Pole Shed Cabin

Once we’ve created the basic frame of the home, we turn it over to you. This is when you get to turn into the craftsman you’ve always known you could be. You can lay the flooring, install the various electrical components, hang the cabinetry, and more.

By taking over the details, you control both the costs and the aesthetics. Whether you shop flea markets or luxury suppliers is entirely up to you. Whether it takes you three months or three years to finish it all is up to you.

It’s a chance to get the full level of customization you want on the DIY budget that you can afford.

Craftsman Series Barndominium

Customize the Details

Just as with a barndominium, you’re able to customize the details. We’ll collaborate with you on a floor plan that meets your needs. Once you choose the plot of land where you want it all to happen, we’ll begin creating a floor

Consider how many rooms and bathrooms you want. Consider the overall square footage of your home. Design a layout that flows based on your lifestyle. As we create the shell, our project managers will add life to your floorplan. As we hang the drywall, we’ll make sure that we adhere to each and every aspect of your plan.

With us doing the excavating and building the shell, it saves you time and money. There’s no need to work with countless project managers. Throughout Sherman Country, people have been turning to us for years for pole barns and barndominiums. It’s what we do. So, let us do the heavy lifting for you.

Once we turn The Craftsman Series building over to you, it’s what allows you to turn the house into a home. You get to choose the fixtures, the color schemes, and everything. Personalize every aspect of the interior so that it fits your lifestyle and your personality. Incorporate any interior design trend you can imagine, from industrial edge to art deco to contemporary.

Craftsman Series Home

Feed Your DIY Desires Today

Take your DIY desires to the next level with The Craftsman Series from Sherman Pole Buildings. Forget about the permits. Forget about renting heavy machinery. Let us do what we do best so that you can begin doing what you do best.

When you’re ready to begin exploring the next steps, contact us. We can help you throughout the entire process, from finding land to develop your dream home to creating a floor plan that fits your lifestyle.