Because Four Seasons

Pole buildings can be constructed in a variety of different styles, shapes, sizes, and colors.  They are becoming more and more popular, since they are so versatile and economical. There are many uses for a pole building and there are a variety of different benefits to owning one.

The following is just a few different ideas that you could enjoy by owning a pole building.

1)      Storage– One of the most obvious benefits of having a pole building is for extra storage.  It is an opportunity for you to securely store that boat, travel trailer, snowmobile, trailer, collector automobile, and anything else.  What about the storage for all those holiday decorations that don’t fit in the house, the collectibles, and knick knacks you don’t display anymore because there is no room?  A pole building provides a secure, sheltered home for all your extras.

2)      Sports Courts- A pole building is the ultimate building for a new basketball court, bowling alley, racquetball court or any other facility that you fancy.  Pole buildings give the sports enthusiast the opportunity to have their own facility that is available anytime they are, with no chance of weather conditions, booked courts, or any other probability of cancelling the game.

3)      Space for a Workshop- This is an opportunity for you to finally have that workshop that you have been dreaming about since you were 7 years old.  Perhaps you don’t have current space for a shop, your wife won’t allow it to be in the garage, or you just really want a place separate from the rest of the house.  Having a pole building would give you your very own place to call “workshop”.

4)      Arts and Crafts Center- Out of space in the basement or extra bedroom for all your arts and crafts hobbies?  Is that spare bedroom not big enough for your quilting hobby?  Pole buildings come in various sizes and forms for that arts and crafts enthusiast.

5)      Home Office- If the sound of your wife and kids in the living room is distracting you…a pole building may be the best place for the new home office.  How about 1200 square foot office with a view of the back 20 acres?  A pole building can easily function as a home office space.  Pole buildings also work great for store fronts for various home businesses.  This is an opportunity to keep customers out of your home and focused on buying your products.

6)      At-Home Gym- Can’t quite find the time to workout?  Well, here is your opportunity to keep up that fitness regime at home with your family.  Why spend all that money on the gym membership when you could purchase a pole building and make your own gym?   No big sweaty guy using the equipment, no grunting, and your favorite music playing all the time.

7)      Man Room- Every young man dreams of having a space to call his own.  A pole building is that dream catcher where you can have your TV, pool table, bar, stadium seating, football games, and various other occasions.  This is a spot that your friends can come over and your wife doesn’t have to worry about the house.  The music can be cranked up, the keg tapped, and a good game of 9 ball on the pool table.  Pole buildings are the quintessential home for a “man room”.

8)      Photo Studio- Ever since taking that college photography class, you have had a desire to take pictures of everything?  Well, here is your chance to change that hobby into a career, a pole buildings offer that space that is necessary for your photo studio.

9)      Gardening Utopia-Want to get all your gardening supplies in one location?  A pole building is the ultimate gardening hangout.  Getting organized is important, and having a pole building can provide you with a place to keep your tools, equipment, plants, machinery, and supplies in one place.

10)  Dance/Music Studio- Ears ringing from the band practicing in the basement every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday night?  Pole buildings can offer your Nirvana, Metallica, or James Taylor a place to call his own.

11)  Dog Kennels- Are the 101 Dalmatians, 20 Samoyeds, and 15 Labradors running you out of the house?  A pole building is the perfect home for all your four-legged friends.  Sherman Pole Buildings has various plans to change your home into “your home” again, not Fido’s, Goldie’s, and Chomper’s.

We’ve Got You Covered

This is just a short list of the variety of buildings that Sherman Pole Buildings can construct.  There are certainly a variety of benefits of having your own pole building.  Whether you need a place for storage, sports, or music, a pole building is the best option.  The cost of pole buildings are very reasonable and the ability to make them specifically for your use is endless.