Mmmmmm … Motorboatin

It’s hot and you’re bored. One of the best things that you can do is head out onto the water. Motorboatin on a pontoon can be a great way to spend a lazy Saturday, just cruising on the waves.

With a cocktail in one hand and your feet up on the railing, you can kick back and live the good life.



Why a Pontoon?

Let’s be realistic. When people talk about motorboatin, they’re usually talking about speedboats. The problem with speedboats is that they’re just too fast. Whatever happened to living life in the slow lane?

Time wasted at the lake is time well spent. Wherever you live, there are some fine lakes to explore, too. Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Texas are all home to beautiful lakes where you can navigate your boat into the water. Choose one that offers the view that you want to enjoy. And if you’re close to friends and family, remember that the more is the merrier when you’re out at sea.

pirating pontoon

A pontoon offers some shade, allowing you to get out of the sun from time to time. Of course, if you want to work on your tan, you can move that shade out of the way. And if you get a two-story pontoon, you’ll get the best of both worlds.

You’ll also find that these boats are considerably more spacious. Why would you go motorboatin alone? Just invite some of your closest friends to jump aboard. You can blast the music and have a bit of fun.

When you pick the right body of water, you’ll have a chance to cool down. Jump off the back. After all, you know you want to. You can splash around or float down the river in an inner tube.

Ditch the idea of waterskiing for a while. Pontoons are all about relaxing and letting the motion of the ocean rock your worries away.


Whatever Floats Your Boat

Yea, buoy! It’s time to feel the breeze in your hair and the water on your toes.

Wherever you live, you can enjoy the salt life. Sometimes, you just have to drive a bit farther to do so. In Minnesota, you might want to head to Lake Superior. When you are in Wisconsin, Lake Winnebago may be on your radar. If you are in Texas, Lake Travis may be calling your name.

You can go to whatever body of water you want. Choose a lake, choose a river, or choose an ocean. Embrace the saltwater or the freshwater. As long as it’s water, you’re good to go.

What you do while you’re on a pontoon is entirely up to you. Once you’re out in the open, you can spend your time in or out of the water. You’re likely to be out there for at least a few hours. So, you might as well have a few ways to pass the time.

drinking coffee on a boat

Need some ideas to make your time on the boat a bit more exciting?

  • Throw a party. There doesn’t have to be a special occasion. Fill your cooler with drinks, grab some string lights, and invite your friends.
  • Pack some snorkel gear to spend some time in the water. It’s a chance to see what’s going on beneath the surface.
  • Take game night onto the water. Pack cards, trivial games, or something else. Just don’t bring a game with paper money or any other small things as you don’t want the wind to cancel your game.
  • Get creative with the games you play. You can outfit your pontoon with all of your favorite land games. This includes anything from cornhole to volleyball. There are plenty of inflatable versions of the games so you can have some fun once you’re in the water.

It really doesn’t matter what you do. Just get your boat into the water and have some fun.

Grillin on a pontoon

Keep Your Ship Together

Not all weather is boating weather. Especially if you live in Minnesota or Wisconsin, you will find that most of your boating is done over the summer. With Texas, you can enjoy a bit more time outside. Just head in before the wind gets too gusty.

Well, you have to keep your ship together. The last thing you want is to leave your boat alone and exposed when you’re not on it. You certainly wouldn’t want icicles to form on the captain’s chair or snow to pile up on the waterslide, would you?

Your boat needs warmth and protection when it’s not in use. This is when it’s handy to have a pole barn. You can just drive your pontoon into the barn so that it’s got a proper home when it’s not in the water.

Captains Chair

At Sherman Pole Barns, we know a thing or two about shelter. We’ll see to it that you get a custom steel building that can house your boat and anything else that you use to escape for a few hours or a few days. Our expert craftsmanship will provide you with the storage that you can depend on.

You’ve worked too hard to become a boat owner. The last thing you want is to see your investment ruined because you didn’t have a dependable place to park it. Mmmmotorboatin is going to be a whole lot more fun if you don’t have mmmmold growing all over your seats.

You have to protect your boat from the elements. And, while water is a benefit when you’re planning on spending time on your pontoon, you don’t need it. You can jump aboard even when it’s inside of a pole barn. Just don’t expect it to go anywhere. You’ll probably want to skip the waterslide, too.

When you’re ready to hit the open water, remember that you need more than just a boat. The boat and the pole barn should be a package deal. We’ve got plenty of designs and accessories to ensure you’ve got the storage that you can depend on.

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