Barndominiums, Shouses, and other Pole Barn Houses

On a tour of a certain well known faucet and fixtures company, Max and Kara oohed and aahed about the latest and greatest in bathroom styles. There were the new freestanding tubs with a definitely modern design. The company had taken geometrical shaping to an entirely different level. Everything they formerly thought about conventional bathroom design had been thrown out with the bathwater, so to speak. These new tubs could just as well have been floating on air. Instead of being attached to one end or the other of the tub, the faucet was a freestanding, floor mounted variety, leaving the entire tub to be oriented and used as desired.


Inside Residential Post Frame Home

Long after they left, Kara went on and on about the latest items on display at the company’s design center. They had commissioned interior designers to create bathrooms around individual products. Whether it was a certain sink or a tub or an unusual new faucet, there was a room for that. And each designed space was given a name. Kara was drawn to one called, Esther Williams – the personal spa. It was a luxurious room in a barndominium that, as its name suggested, contained all the trappings of a spa – for one person. The entire room from floor to ceiling was covered with tiles of several blue shades, reminiscent of something from an exotic land. Steps led up to the tub, as if the person entering were headed to a distant vacation. Then there were the extras. A pedicure chair. A sauna. And so much more. Esther Williams could never have imagined such a place.

We Build Your Dream

Oh, to be able to enjoy such a luxury, Kara had commented to Max. It was, of course, duly noted that such luxuries were beyond the reaches of all but the Real Housewives of some place or the other. As for Kara, she wasn’t given to being the wife of a house because she considered herself to be a real woman of substance. But if only for a day, she certainly wouldn’t mind having an opportunity for her moment of fantasy. And in true Kara fashion, she had moved on to other things, not being the type to concern herself with impossibilities.

Max on the other hand, was an optimist. He believed in possibilities. He was of the school of, if you can imagine it, you can construct it. The way to turn a dream into reality is to stop dreaming and go out and build your dream. Soon enough he had deconstructed the Esther Williams creation into its list of parts. First things first, then second things second and … then the call to Sherman Pole Buildings. But for now, it was a secret to be kept between him and the insiders at Sherman Pole Buildings, because this was going to be Kara’s big surprise.