You turn on the radio to Luke Bryan or Alan Jackson. You wear boots wherever you go. Ya’all might be Texas Country or Minnesota Country because it’s how you identify. Whether you got it from your mama, your daddy, or a song on the radio, it’s now a part of you. It’s coursing through your veins right this very moment.

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People have either told you your country or you have made assumptions based on those around you. Or, perhaps, you have the leaning of being country and just need a good push in the right direction to make a full transition. It’s easy to be converted if you listen to an Alabama song on the radio enough times.

What really makes you country? It might be hard to identify it, but we’re gonna give it a try.

Texas Rodeo Horse

You Could Be a Cowboy on the Texas Plain

You might be a walking commercial for being a cowboy, spending all of your time on the plains with your horse. Ya’all wear a big ‘ol cowboy hat, have a belt buckle the size of Texas, and can recite the time and place of the nearest rodeo without having to check with your phone.

Others say that you have an accent but you just speak a little slower. After all, speaking slower means that people can hear every word that you have to say, right?

If you have kids, they’re learning how to be a cowboy (or cowgirl), too. They’re not afraid of getting dirty, they know how to throw a lasso, and they’ve been going to the Stockyards with you since they were in diapers.

Minnesota Farm

Spending time on the Texas plain is your way of life. You breathe in the country air and instantly feel at peace. Fishing and hunting is just something you do, not because you’re trying to show off that you’re “more country” than someone else. You don’t even know what it means when someone asks if you have always been country. You’ve had your dirt road cred for so long that you couldn’t identify what age you got it. Maybe you were born with it. Whenever you got it, it’s not something you’re giving up any time in the near future.

You Would Be a Plowboy Waitin’ on the Rain

There’s another stereotype that cowboys are farmers. Maybe you are and maybe you aren’t. It’s only a stereotype if it’s true, right? You can tell the difference between four different tractors from a mile away and it’s something you take pride in. You may have even gutted the engine in your tractor to be able to take it racing on Friday nights.

Others look down on you because you have dirt under your nails and you know the true meaning of hard work. You get up early and you go to bed late…and you wouldn’t have it any other way, either.


When you are in Minnesota country or anywhere else, you take pride in the fact that you’re a plowboy. And now that they mention it, a bit of rain certainly wouldn’t hurt the crops. It could sure cool you down as soon as the summer heat starts creeping in, too.There’s nothing wrong with manning the plows, tilling the land, or doing anything else outside, especially if it’s going to result in better crops. Farming runs deep in your blood and if that makes you country, so be it.

Explore Country on Your Terms

Your kind of country
There’s no right or wrong definition of what country is. Everyone has their own interpretation of it and some people are simply country without even realizing it. Whether you find a tractor sexy like Kenny Chesney does or you got your learning from a Live Oak Church like Luke Bryan, country is what you make of it.

You might have some spurs, a cowboy hat, and even a belt buckle. You might have more plaid than anything else in your wardrobe or you might live in denim and white t-shirts. Whatever the case, you’re country as long as you think you are.

Now, you have to decide how you’re going to explore your country roots. Fishing, hunting, and camping are all great options. Driving tractors and taking them to the races is high excitement, too. All of the fun that you have is because you are one with nature. You prefer to spend your days outdoors as opposed to indoors. You know your way around every back trail in town but would get lost at the shopping mall.

Hunting Pup

Whether you have your yard filled with plastic steer heads for roping or tractors that are taken apart at different stages, you need to have a reliable place to store it. Otherwise, you make the quick transition from country to something else entirely. You don’t want to give the neighbors reason to talk (perhaps more than they already are), so we’re here to introduce you to a pole barn. It’s the storage solution that allows you to be country with a bit of class thrown in for good measure.

They’re All a Little Different

The storage solutions that we have at Sherman Pole Buildings are all a little different, just like the different types of country that are out there. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. We’re all about avoiding being pigeon-holed. If you don’t have a belt buckle or a tractor, we’re not one to hold it against you.

Once you’ve gotten your outside on, you have to think about your inside, too. You need a place to drop your boots, store your rifles, and do everything else that you need to do. Mud is inevitably going to follow you everywhere you go, so where’s it all going to go? Rather than tracking it inside of your home and leaving half of your fun outside where it can be damaged by the weather, you need a place for it all to be stored with love.

Bird Dogs

Sherman Pole Buildings can be your retreat from your time on the dirt roads. You can have a home for everything that makes you country. After all, you want your tackle boxes, your camping gear, and your tractor. You might have more country than others, which means you’re going to need more storage than others. That’s okay. Custom solutions are available to ensure that you get the space that you need.

Plus, with the spaciousness of the barns, you can even get your country on inside. Turn it into a man cave or a mock rodeo arena. It can ensure that you get to have your fun without having to wait for the fall to come along. The harsh winters of Minnesota can make it hard to have too many country outings and the hot summers of Texas are no better. That’s okay, though, because we have you covered with our options. They’re a little different for everyone.

Launch Boat

However you do your type of country, a pole barn can ensure you have a place to store it. Decorate it, use it for storage, hang out in it, plan your next camping trip inside of it. The steel barns are customized to meet your needs with the size that works for your property and the elements that make you feel comfortable with the space. They’re all a little different but they’re all the same in terms of quality and consistency.

Limb Lines

When you’re ready to let your Minnesota or Texas country shine, do it with a pole barn from us at Sherman. We’re here to let you be the country person you are with better storage so you can get your outside on in more exciting ways.

What Makes You Country – Luke Bryan

What Makes You Country
Source: LyricFind
Songwriters: Ashley Gorley / Dallas Davidson / Luke Bryan
What Makes You Country lyrics © Warner Chappell Music, Inc, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Round Hill Music Big Loud Songs
People talkin’ ’bout what is and what ain’t country
What gives ’em a right to wear a pair of beat-up boots?
Is it the size of your tires and your fires, or your wild ass buddies?
Well, give me a minute, let me hit you with some hometown truth
You could be a cowboy on the Texas plain
Or a plowboy waitin’ on the rain
We’re all a little different, but we’re all the same
Everybody doin’ their own thing
I got my dirt road cred when I was twelve
On a no cab tractor hauling them bales
Backing in boats, fishing limb lines
Running bird dogs through the Georgia pines
Step side cover down in peanut dust
Friday night spotlight, and that was us
It might not’ve been you, but I can’t judge
Just be proud of what makes you country
Does it run in your blood?
Did it come from your daddy and mama?
Were you converted by an Alabama song on the radio?
That feels so right
Did you lock eyes with a little green eyed girl from Jackson?
Tell me what got ya, I just gotta know
Me, I got my Sunday learning in a Live Oak Church
Silver Queen corn in a backyard dirt
Waiting for the fall to finally come along
So I can grab my gun and get my outside on
Step side cover down in peanut dust
Friday night spotlight, and that was us
It might not’ve been you, but I can’t judge
Just be proud of what makes you country
Might be from a city or a little farm town
Whatever kind of square that you drove around
Do you wear in on your sleeve or keep it deep down?
You know you gotta let it out
I got my dirt road cred back when I was twelve
On a no cab tractor hauling them bales
Backing in boats, fishing limb lines
Running bird dogs through them Georgia pines
Step side cover down in peanut dust
Friday night spotlight, and that was us
It might not’ve been you, but I ain’t judging
And just be proud of what makes you country
Whatever makes you country
You do your kinda country
They doing they kind of country
I do my kind of country
Whatever makes us country