Adventurous Unmoored Ferris Wheel

What would you do with a giant Ferris wheel? You would first unhinge it from its moorings as even Ferris wheels would like a break from the same old doldrums. Sure it’s fun to be the host of laughing, screaming fans daily. But eventually, a wheel wants to roll away into the great blue yonder. And so it would be for you and your wheel setting out into the world away from the amusement park.

Maybe your first journey would be into the river, meandering gracefully along a worn path of towns and villages. All around the world, it is the river that came first with the towns and villages popping up along its banks. Sometimes the river is friendly and sometimes it’s not. It is thing that blesses and curses. But for a newly unmoored Ferris wheel it’s an adventure.

And then you might roll your Ferris wheel along the highway, leaving the curious gawkers with mouth and eyes open wide. “Look!” The children would exclaim and their parents would have no words. Or they would have unkind words for the gridlock you and your Ferris wheel would cause – especially if it’s rush hour. But a Ferris wheel out for the ride of its life wouldn’t care because freedom is just another word only for those who have never lost it.

Then into the wheat fields blowing in the wind – or just fields with blowing things that may or may not be wheat. A Ferris wheel stuck in an amusement park has no way to distinguish the ordinary blade of grass from the ones that yield flour and eventually bread, bagels cookies and cakes. But Ferris wheels don’t eat cakes and soon the adventure would grow old as the accounting of the numerous grasses and trees would become as exhausting and monotonous as spinning humans around and around in an amusement park.

Give Me Shelter

And eventually you and your Ferris wheel might encounter some circus types wandering along the prairie in search of the next big thrill. And really, no one delights in the unmoored wheel as much as circus types. To them it represents the depth and breadth of impossibilities waiting to become possible. They employ and defy the laws of physics and soon it seems that this is the destiny of your Ferris wheel.

But even as the sun may not always rise, it does eventually set. And soon enough you and your Ferris wheel are looking for the next step…a shelter from the elements. That’s when you realize that the perfect destiny for your newly freed Ferris wheel is a Sherman Pole Building.  A place where it can sleep gently and awaken each morning to endless new possibilities. So you make that call to the Sherman Design team. They love Ferris wheels and they would like to help take care of yours.