If I Can’t Wear Camo, I’m Not Goin’

Let’s face it, life is better in the country. I like my lifestyle muddy. And, if I can’t wear camo, I’m not goin.’ There’s just something about wearing camouflage that makes it easier to embrace all that the country roads have to offer.

Didn’t you hear? Camo is the new black.


Prepare for Every Adventure

You dress for the occasion. It’s just what you do. I didn’t make the rules. I don’t even follow them most of the time, but I do know that I’m not going to wear Sunday best when I’m trying to bag a buck. I’m also not going to wear my finest boots if I’m planning on spending most of the day up to my knees in mud.

Preparing for an adventure can be time-consuming. It requires more planning than most people realize.

I’ve gotta figure out:

  • what toys I want to bring
  • which friends I want to invite
  • if it’s a beer or a moonshine kind of outing

And, I’ve gotta figure out what I’m gonna wear. If I wear the wrong thing, the Mrs. will beat me within inches of my life. And, you know what they say. Happy wife, happy life, and all of that. So, I do what she tells me.

That’s where the camo comes into play.

Camo Hunter

Camouflage is a fashion statement. It’s a combination of brown, green, and black to make it easier to hide in the great outdoors. You’re never going to hear anyone asking, “does this camo make me look fat?” We don’t care. We’re in disguise. And you know what else? Literally everything goes with camouflage. I don’t have to worry about the fashion police coming.

Camo Pants

And there’s something else to be said about this print. It’s an unwritten rule that you can work hard and play harder. Blend into your surroundings as you speed down the trails in your ATV or you crawl on your belly in the middle of a hunt. You do what you gotta do for an adventure, and you gotta dress the part along the way.

If someone is wearing camouflage, make sure to walk right into them, so that they know it is working.

When women go out for a night on the town, they wear a little black dress. It’s their disguise to fit into society. We’re not looking to fit in anywhere unless it means grabbing a tall boy out of a cooler off the back of a pickup truck.

Bucks, ducks, and camo trucks. It’s a recipe for adventure that I’ll follow every time. I just need my boots, my hat, and a pair of jeans. Most of my gear is already loaded in the back of my truck. If we can stop off at the local mart to fill my cooler, I’ll be ready for whatever may come my way.

Camo Hunter

Good Old Boys Wear Camo

Good old boys don’t really follow all of the rules. C’mon, you know who you are. You speed down the country roads, you splash up mud, and you play where you’re not supposed to play. You ignore the signs that tell you not to drink beer, you play your country music past curfew, and you track in the mud even though you know you should be taking your boots off at the door.

There’s a reason why we wear camouflage. It’s our way of hiding from the trouble that we’re inevitably going to get into.

Camo Snow

Who Needs Water When There’s Mud?

Too many people try to vacation at the beach. I don’t need an ocean and I certainly don’t need a lake. Beaches are all about staying clean and I prefer to get dirty. A little bit of mud never hurt anyone, and if I’m in my camo hat, I can stay as dirty as I want without anyone judging me. It’s as if I’ve been given a license to play in the mud.

Beaches also require things like going topless. And, well, sometimes there’s a beer gut that should never really be on display. It’s easier to hide it under a bit of camo. What people don’t see won’t hurt them!

If you dress me in camo and load me with ammo, the mud doesn’t even have to be there. After all, one of the reasons why I roll around in the mud is to make sure no one sees me coming. The camo hat can keep me a bit cleaner. To be honest, it will keep me smelling a bit better than playing in the mud, too.

Camo Jacket

Make Life a Little Better

So, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. It’s a lot easier to spring into action and play in the mud if you have your gear ready to go at all times. That means that your ATV is gassed up and ready. It means that your guns are cleaned and sitting in their cabinet. And, it means that your ammo is boxed up and sitting on a shelf.

I don’t always wear clothes, but when I do I prefer to wear camo.

A Sherman pole barn makes life that much better. You can have the adventures of a lifetime without having to pause to gather everything up.

A pole barn houses all of your supplies. It provides you with a reliable place to park your ATV, house your guns, and store any and all of your toys. You don’t have to worry about anything being damaged by sitting out in the elements. And, you don’t have to worry about finding enough room for all of it. After all, if you’re like most, you have different toys for every season of the year.

At Sherman Pole Buildings, we’ll provide the custom construction that you need. Decide on the size of the barn, what features you want it to have, and everything else. It can become your secondary garage on your property, or it can be your hunting cabin in the woods. Either way, when you have a pole barn, life is good.

Camo Man