At the dawn of human history the man cave was actually a cave where cave men could take a break from the drudgery of hunting, fishing, scaling and skinning to fill the family’s stomach. Rumor has it that the man cave is where fire was actually invented. It happened when one cave man’s wife banished him to the cold dungeon. She wanted him to rethink that little grunt about how she was using up all the furs and skins in the name of cave woman fashion.

As humans evolved, the man cave wasn’t really a cave anymore because it had moved into the basement. But it is said that behind every man cave there’s a smart woman eyeing the space for her own uses. After all, women were also evolving at pretty much the same rate and some might say at a faster rate. This was fine with men until it resulted in man cave becoming smaller and smaller until it was just an easy chair and optional headphones in a quiet corner of the family room.

But men soon became discontented with this situation. As far back as 1965, Jimmy Radcliffe wrote the song, “I’m gonna a find a cave.” Just recently some men began a campaign to make it the International Man Cave Anthem.  All of which is probably why the man cave is now moving outside the home. And it’s not a tool shed or garage either. To be honest, the man cave is actually a sanctuary that promotes domestic tranquility by freeing up living rooms, basements and garages for other things.

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A look around reveals that man caves are now more amazing and diverse in scope than ever before. In some cases it’s a Harley man cave, outfitted with more than just bikes. Man caves can contain anything from hunting and fishing trophies to sports memorabilia, sports equipment such as pool tables and squash courts, and more. There are arcade caves and guitar man caves for jamming. Lately, there’s been a trend in geek man caves for LAN parties among other things.

And of course as the man cave moved out into the yard, Sherman Pole Buildings has been there to encourage domestic tranquility, creating harmonious relationships through separate but equal spaces for men’s things and women’s things. And if women want a cave with a pool table and a Harley, Sherman Pole Buildings is happy to accommodate that as well.