The Time For Mud Is Now.
The Place For Mud Is Here.

It’s safe to say that there’s a time and a place for mud. Of course, the time is anytime and the place is anywhere. Dirt is a main ingredient for fun outdoors. And if there’s not enough of it, you can always turn on the hose and make some.

We learned from an early age to fall in love with sludge. As we stomped through it to watch it magically appear on our clothes, we learned to let it ooze through our fingers to make mud pies.

It’s dirty, sure, but as long as we’re not tracking it across mom’s clean white floors, there’s no harm in playing with it.

As we get older, we just learn to play with dirt in new and exciting ways. And, you don’t really have to try to have fun. It sort of happens the moment you get the first splat in the face.

Who Likes Mud, Anyway?

Let’s face it, we all love mud. Even if we say that we don’t, it’s because we are used to being the ones cleaning up after it. It’s time to rev the engine, send the dirt flying as far and wide as it will spray, and blast the country music as high as it will go.

The mud will wash off, but the memories will last a lifetime.

Bike through a mud puddle

Now, it doesn’t matter if you’re dealing with the sandy dirt that you’ll find around certain parts of Minnesota and Wisconsin or the thick clay in the trenches of Texas. There’s a right and a wrong way to kick up the dirty mess.

It starts with the right vehicle. You’re not going to hit the trails in a sedan. You need a vehicle equipped with some serious off-road tires. The thicker and the taller they are, the better it will be.

This Girl Likes To Get A Little Dirty

Mudslinging also involves finding the right location. You can find a spot on the backroad trails, lakeshores, streams, and even wet fields. When all else fails, you take the hose to your backyard. After all, grass is over-rated.

This is not the cleanest sport and that’s what makes it so much fun. The dirtier you get, the more stories you can tell. Your goal should be to get as dirty as you can, go as fast as you can, and bring as many friends along as you possibly can.

The goal should not be to get stuck. But, if you do, that just makes for another story. Just make sure you don’t wreck your ride in the rescue process.

Truck Mud

Some of the best memories center around slinging mud, and if you don’t have those kinds of stories, you’re missing out on some serious fun.

There’s no age limit to getting dirty, either. It’s what makes playing around outside so much fun. Sure, the kids can’t drive the ATVs or the trucks. But, they sure as heck can be buckled into the backseat while the dirt goes flying in the air and splats onto the windows. And, before you let them get cleaned up, don’t be afraid to let them climb through it. If they’re wearing goggles, the skin that’s been protected will be the only clean thing left on their bodies. Take a photo. It’s a guaranteed memory-maker.

The Thrill Of Cleanliness

Don’t even deny that you don’t get some kind of thrill over hosing down your ATV, truck, or Jeep after playing in the dirt. The moment you can see the actual color of the vehicle, it puts a smile on your face.

There’s the thrill of cleanliness because as much as you love mud, you also care about your vehicle. If you leave dirt on for too long, it can damage the paint, speed up the possibility of corroding the body, and even have a negative effect on your brakes.

Cleaning is a part of being responsible. Ugh, it’s not always fun to be an adult. However, cleaning your vehicle is the trade-off for being able to play in the dirt for as long as you want.

Muddy Shoes

The moment you have a clean vehicle, it also reminds you that there’s going to be another round of play on another day. After all, you don’t expect to keep your vehicle looking squeaky clean forever, do you? In no time at all, there will be a muddy trail calling your name. It will get filthy in no time. And the more mud that’s flyin,’ the more fun you’re havin.’

Now, if you’re not having fun in the dirt, you want your vehicle to stay clean. It’s one of the reasons why you need a reliable, weatherproof place to park your vehicles. It will ensure that everything stays clean until you decide to go out and play again.

The Future Belongs To The Few Of Us, Who Are Still Willing To Get Dirty

A pole barn makes a lot of sense. You can store all of your vehicles inside so that they are safe from the elements. And, it can give you a place to go to create a mudroom.

You know, many houses in Minnesota and Wisconsin are built with a mudroom. The dirt stops there. In Texas, many houses don’t have those. So, unless you want to get whipped or spend the next few hours on your hands and knees with a sponge in hand, you need a plan to deal with the dirt.

Your Sherman pole barn can play garage and mudroom. You can even keep all of your cleaning supplies inside of the barn. It makes it easy for you to have storage for your toys and clean up once you’re done playing around in all of the sludge.

A little dirt never hurt anyone. A lot of dirt never hurt anyone, either. You just need to play responsibly. When you contact Sherman Pole Buildings, we’ll see to it that you get the kind of protection you need for your big boy toys. And, if you happen to need a few trails to hit to make the biggest messes, we’ll be happy to offer up some recommendations.

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