Metal Pole Barns by Sherman Pole Buildings
in the Republic of Texas


Hey Y’all. Get excited about Texas Pole Barns!

With over forty years of success in Minnesota, Sherman Pole Buildings is proud to launch operations in Texas. Our new location is on the east side of San Antonio Texas, and we will serve a 150 miles radius of that location to include Austin. That means that Sherman crews will build metal pole barns within 150 miles of San Antonio. Additionally, our metal pole barn contractor support division, Sherman Lumber, will build out a network of contractors across the entire state.


Sherman Lumber is looking for a few good contractors in Texas! Our contractor partner program is for metal building contractors who want the materials, systems, and support from a supplier partner that helps the contractor win more business, achieve a great reputation, and build a sustainable company that allows the contractors to live the life they desire. Your success is our success!

Beer, Guns, and Hot Sauce all in one stop. Welcome to Texas!

In Texas, they’re called Metal Buildings and Metal Pole Barns. Most of the nation knows them as pole barns or pole sheds, while the most sophisticated call them pole buildings. ahem. But we’re not going to mess with Texas and therefore, we’ll call them whatever y’all recommend.

We’ve done our research. In doing so, there are a number of things that we’ve learned about how Texas is different than Minnesota. For example, we know that in Texas they salt their margaritas, not their sidewalks.  The Lonestar diet is BBQ, Mexican, Whataburger, repeat. In Texas ordering a coke means Dr. Pepper. The best parking is determined by shade, not distance. Twenty seconds of snow will shut the whole state down. If you hear a Texas woman say, “Oh hell no,” it’s already too late.

Texas is the only state ballsy enough to have it’s own toast. Buc-cees is the highlight of every road trip. You see a stranger bump into someone and they both say excuse me. You are not supposed to pronounce the “h” in Humble. And anywhere in Texas you can yell, “The stars at night are big and bright” and random strangers will finish your sentence.

We are honored that you have welcomed us to Texas. We’re fixin to make all y’all proud.

Now let’s get something done and watch some football.