Life can get pretty lonely if you’re not careful. Many people want to grab a pair of ATVs in order to explore the wilderness that is their backyard. However, that’s not the way to travel when you are trying to go through life side by side. You need to make sure that you’re incorporating your partner in your adventures, which means choosing the right vehicle.

It’s time to be realistic about what you’re going to put into your toy box. As an adult, especially if you’re married, you have to think about your significant other. How are the two of you supposed to bond if you’re on separate vehicles? That’s why the utility task vehicle was created. Rather than straddling a seat, there is either a bench seat or two bucket seats. It allows you to sit next to each other.

Share the Love of Nature Together

If anyone from the Rat Pack knew a thing or two about a healthy marriage, it was Dean Martin. He knew that to travel along and sing a song, it involved being right beside the one that you love. It’s no wonder that they refer to the UTV as a side by side.

Whether you’re roaming around your own property in Texas or covering new ground in Minnesota, it’s important that the two of you are on the same page. Without being on a utility vehicle, sitting from the same perspective, it’s hard to know what the other one is seeing. There’s nothing romantic about using walkie talkies to communicate from two separate vehicles. Instead, when you’re seated right next to the other person, you can give them a nudge to show them something exciting.

Holding hands

You might want to do some bird-watching, duck feeding, or simply watch the sunset on your property. It’s going to be a more thrilling adventure when you have someone seated right next to you. Otherwise, you might as well go on separate adventures entirely.

Whatever it is that you decide to do with your side-by-side, it’s going to be more memorable when you have someone beside you. The moment you choose an ATV over a UTV, you’re making the decision to go through life alone. It’s fun when you’re young and single, trekking over the rough terrain. After a while, though, life will get lonely. Utility task vehicles are meant for company, ensuring that you have room for someone to join you.

UTVs Grow as Your Family Grows

One of the great things about a utility task vehicle is that they come in various sizes. One can opt for a two-seater where there’s only a front row. You can also opt for a four-seater where there’s a second row for two additional passengers. Manufacturers are even talking about six-seaters, giving you even more room to accommodate those you want to bring along with you on your travels as you sing a song.

Side by side

Dean Martin was known to sing a song with his daughter Deana. When you’re in a larger utility vehicle, you can bring the entire family on your various outdoor adventures. Plus, you can choose to haul a variety of items in the back, ensuring that you’re ready for anything that the terrain throws at you. You might want to make it a family excursion and throw a picnic lunch in the back. Then again, this could be a way to get the family involved in more chores. The entire back can be loaded with tools to trim bushes, cut down trees, and take care of the property in all sorts of other ways.

It Matters if the Sky Should Fall

Dean Martin sings that if the sky should fall, it doesn’t matter at all as long as we’re together. That’s all well and great when it’s just you and your one true love, walking hand in hand in nature. However, you’re not always going to be walking around your property in Texas or Minnesota. Sometimes you might be in your home with your utility task vehicle sitting outside.

You get after your kids to put toys in a toy box, so why wouldn’t you follow your own advice? If the sky starts to fall, either with rain or snow, you want to make sure that your vehicle is properly protected. This is when it pays to have a place to park it that’s better protected than your driveway; like when you don’t have room in your garage. However, a pole barn can be constructed to provide you with the room you need for a side-by-side. If you have more than one, such as from your family growing, you can have the barn constructed to meet all of your specifications.

Catch air

The last thing you want is to have quarrels with your family over how the utility task vehicle gets trashed from sitting outside in the elements, day after day. Too much water can have a negative impact on the engine. No doubt, too much sun can start to blister the seats and peel the paint. Too much time outside can also create a significant amount of rust. You invested quite a bit of money on your side-by-side, so you need to make sure that you’re prepared if the sky should fall.

Pole Barns Protect Our Vehicles

At Sherman Pole Buildings, we love to sing songs and travel along in all sorts of different vehicles. We’re also aware of how important it is to protect those vehicles. Rather than quarreling or expecting that everything will be fine, we depend on a pole barn to serve as the protection that our vehicles need from all of the elements.

Side by side on trails

If you want to have your side-by-side always ready to go so that you can travel along with your significant other, we’re here to provide you with the storage space that you need. We’ll customize every detail to ensure that you have plenty of parking space within a structure that is capable of withstanding all of the elements. By the time you see what we can build for you, we’ll give you another reason to sing a song.