It’s hard to win the lottery when you never play. Every time you pass by the billboards that advertise what the jackpot is up to in Sherman Country, it’s hard not to dream about what would happen.

Think about what you could do with tens of millions of dollars. A mansion. A flashy sports car. A once-in-a-lifetime vacation. The possibilities are endless.

No joke, If I win the lottery I’m going to buy a full tank of gas.

Someone’s gotta win those jackpots every now and then, right?

What’s odd is that you never hear about a psychic winning the lotto. Is it against their moral code or something?



The Science of Psychic Ability

The reality is that there are people who claim to have ESP, extrasensory perception. The powers of the psychic can vary from person to person. Some have the ability to see into the future while others claim to read palms or tarot cards to tell you about your future in love, work, and every other aspect of your life.

At least 50 percent of Americans say that they believe that psychics exist. It’s why there are lines at fortune tellers at the fair. It’s also why websites are still up and running where a psychic promises to be able to help you on your path to happiness.

I can’t wait til I’m rich enough to throw away things that accidentally fall in the toilet.

A quick Google search will show you that there are some top-rated psychics that offer readings. All for the low price of a few dollars per minute.

And the number of reviews shows that people are clearly buying into the hype. Some of the psychics out there have over 10,000 reviews. That’s a lot of people being scammed. That is unless the psychics really do have the ability to know the future.

Paranormal psychology is not considered real. Most of what a psychic knows is passed off as people wanting to believe what they hear. Psychics provide generic information. They might pick up on feelings and emotions. There’s no real science.

It’s why psychics can tell you things like they feel as though good things are coming up soon. However, they can’t focus on the five numbers that will be chosen in Thursday’s lotto drawing.

Lottery Money

Give Me a Chance at a Million (or Twenty)

You’ve got the lottery ticket in your hand. You watch as the numbers are pulled. You match one, two, three…

There are usually just enough numbers matched to get you excited. Then, inevitably, you miss at least one of the numbers that would win you a decent jackpot.

But what if you did win? What if you did get all of the numbers and the Powerball number?

Next thing you know, you’re driving down to the lottery office to claim your winnings.


That big check that they hand you is Instagram-worthy. But there’s a catch. The moment you post, you’re a target.

It’s why there’s a series of events that need to happen.

Step 1: Cash the check.

Step 2: Delete Facebook, Instagram, and every other social media account.

Even after you do that, people will find you.

Be nice to people on your way up. This way, they won’t be suspicious when you’re rich and you invite them to your island to hunt them for sport.

Seriously, though, you should always be nice to people. Otherwise, if you do win the lottery, you’ll have more enemies knocking on your door than friends and family. And the number of friends and family that will come knocking will surprise you. Remember that kid who sat behind you in first grade? Probably not, but he’ll suddenly remember you. And he’ll have an amazing business proposition for you to invest in, too.

You know those people who totally screw up their lives when they win the lottery? I want to be one of those people.

You know those people who totally screw up their lives when they win the lottery? I want to be one of those people. Just give me a chance to see what I can do with $20 million. If I squander it, I’ll be no better off than the hundreds of other people who have won the lottery. Maybe I’ll make a mess of things and maybe I won’t. There’s only one way to find out.


Forget the Lottery, Just Focus on the Jackpot

Did you know that you can win the jackpot without playing the lottery? Go ahead and keep that dollar in your wallet that you were going to use on a scratcher.

Life is about finding opportunities and taking advantage of them.

  • See the pretty girl and muster enough courage to ask her out.
  • Take the day off to spend with your friends and family.
  • Say “yes” when someone asks you to go out on a boat.
  • Apply for the job you think you’ve got no chance of actually getting.

When life surprises you and rewards you with incredible things, you’ll feel as though you’ve won the lottery.

We’ve all heard the saying that money doesn’t buy happiness. It’s true. You really don’t need $20 million in the bank in order to feel rich. Of course, if you do have that much lying around, you really shouldn’t be complaining about anything.

The wealth in your life comes from family, friendships, love, and even a great job.

There are plenty of ways to make sure that you win that jackpot, too.

It starts with knowing how to let loose and have some fun. Take advantage of vacation time. Make friends and nourish those relationships. Say “yes” when you’re asked to partake in an adventure.

As you discover the ways that you want to have fun in Sherman Country, make investments into having even more fun.

Buy a boat. Spend some money on hunting equipment. Shop for a snowmobile. Whether you’re having adventures in Texas, Wisconsin, or Minnesota, the jackpots are out there.

Want another way to feel like you’ve won the lottery?

Get yourself a pole barn. At Sherman Pole Buildings, we can help to customize a pole barn of any size. It will provide you with a cabin in the woods, a steel building that you can call home, or even just an oversized garage for all of your hobbies.

As you enjoy your pole barn and the opportunities that await you in life, you’ll be the real lotto winner, no matter what those psychics might have to say.

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