Listen, we’ve gotta talk. As your neighbor, I feel it’s only fair for me to have an opinion about the abomination that you have in your backyard that you call a barn. It’s a joke. I’ve had about enough of it and, here’s why.

All of the Neighbors are Complaining

You’ve lived here long enough to know that the weather gets crappy. Up here in Minnesota, it gets windy when it rains and when it snows. Your crappy barn doesn’t have the best lock in place, so the doors open at all times of the day and night.

The doors slam against the wall of the barn, making all sorts of noises. We’ve talked about it at some of the neighborhood meetings. Conversations actually start a full 15 minutes before we tell you when the meeting starts just so that we can talk about you. Sorry it’s had to come to this. I was given the job of breaking the news to you. We’ve actually all written letters to you about the barn, but we didn’t want to feel as though we were ganging up on you, even though that’s basically what we’re doing.

We could send you the letters and let you read all of them, but I figured that this is easier. I’ll sum up all of the letters because they all say the same thing.

It’s time for an intervention

Your barn just isn’t cutting it. It’s old and broken down. The doors don’t stay closed, so we have to hear how the doors creak back and forth in the wind. Have you even tried to lubricate the hinges? Have you given up on the building? It’s not like it’s been this amazing storage facility for you anyway; most of your stuff is parked on the outside of it.

Let’s talk about that for a minute, too. As if the slamming doors and the squeaky hinges aren’t enough, your neighbors have to look at the eye sore of the tractors and toys parked along the barn. We think it’s time for an intervention.

We get that the barn came with the property. But, your home is over 30 years old. The barn is probably that old, too. You can do so much better. We know you can.

Your barn has to go. It might be time to explore a pole barn in Minnesota that you can rely on. Maybe you’ve seen the one on my property or the one down the road from you. They’re amazing, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

Your Toys Aren’t Happy

Tractors and snowmobiles and all of the other toys you have aren’t cheap. I know that because I have many of the same toys. Apparently, I like my toys a lot more than you like yours. There’s no way that your toys are in good condition because that barn door always seems to be open.

You’re letting all of that cold weather, wetness, and wind at them. It’s likely causing rust and all sorts of other damage. Who knows, you could be spending a fortune in maintenance and repairs because you haven’t given your toys a good home. They deserve better.

At the neighborhood meetings, we’ve talked about your barn on more occasions than I can count. We know that you love having your toys for the summer and winter months. What we can’t figure out is why you’d be okay with letting the elements get to them on a regular basis. The barn is almost in ruins. Beyond the doors not closing, the insulation must be really bad. I haven’t seen the roof of the thing, but my guess is that it leaks.

I think you could do so much better, which is why I am telling you all of this. We don’t have a homeowner’s association, so we can’t tell you that you have to take the rickety barn down. What we can tell you is that your toys can’t possibly be happy with the conditions you have exposed them to.

We’d also like to make sure you know about your options.

You Can Do So Much Better

I’m not going to tell you that you have to do anything. After all, we’re grown adults. You’ve got the right to have whatever you want on your property, even if it does make all of your neighbors miserable. However, what I am going to do, is tell you that you can do better than that barn in shambles in your backyard.

A custom pole shed can be a great solution to your problems. It’s what I built in my backyard last summer. I know you know what I’m talking about because you complimented me on it when Sherman Pole Buildings was done with it.

Everything about a pole barn can be customized. After the engineered footing system is chosen, you can determine all of the dimensions so that it’s large enough to fit all of your toys. Let me repeat that: all of your toys. You won’t have to leave any of your tractors or other equipment on the side of the barn. That would eliminate the eye sore I mentioned earlier.

A great ventilation system and a strong roof are on the pole building, too. It’s capable of withstanding all of the harshest weather, through rain and snow. Plus, the walk-in doors are commercial grade and maintenance-free. You’re not going to have to worry about them swinging open at all hours of the day and night. I mean, you have to hear the sounds of those doors, too, right? Your neighbors can’t be the only ones to hear all of that banging. I may be doing your entire family a huge favor by telling you it’s time to explore a custom pole shed.

I want the best for you, man. But seriously, at some point, you have to help yourself. I’m really hoping that you take this intervention seriously. Otherwise, you’re going to deal with some of the other neighbors and their anger about this situation. They’re going to handle it a lot less tactfully than I did, so I wish you the best.

If you want more information about a pole barn from Sherman Pole Buildings, just let me know.

Oh, and your barn door is open. Again.