Drooling is a natural reaction. While we often attribute it to dogs, the reality is that we drool, too. Some of us do it in our sleep, while some of us do it when we pass the donut counter. In the words of Homer Simpson, “Mmmm, donuts!”

Why is it that we drool?

Pavlov’s dog would say that it’s conditioning. In fact, we believe he once wrote, “Day 19, I have successfully conditioned my master to smile and write in his book every time I drool.”

How did the hipster burn his tongue? He sipped his coffee before it was cool.

Drooling happens when excess saliva leaves our mouths. But why is it that we’re producing all of this extra saliva? Often, it has to do with our food cues. As soon as we see food that we want to eat when we’re hungry, our mouth begins to salivate. And if we’re not careful, we may actually start drooling.

If there’s no food around but you still find yourself drooling, there may be a medical reason. We suggest having that checked out.


Drooling is My New Religion

Yes, you heard that right. It’s the only path to salivation. Sorry, we had to get at least one dad joke in here.

Seriously, though. I find myself drooling a lot more since I have started to find better restaurants, bakeries, and coffee shops to visit. No one in my household is a good cook, so I’ve ventured out into Sherman Country.

It turns out that there are some really amazing places to eat.

I drool as I watch the gyro meat getting sliced off the stick for my wrap… … then I wonder – is that how vegans feel when they watch someone mowing the lawn?

Every time I try something new, I let the flavors dance on my tongue. I embrace the food and enjoy a mouth-watering experience.

When I get to a place and smell the food from the parking lot or when I open the door, I try not to let the drool flow out of my mouth. If anything, I’ve strengthened my mouth muscles to keep the drool from slipping out when I least expect it.

While I want the various places to know that I love what they’re making, I’d like to look civilized when I place my order and walk away with a tray full of delicious items. If I’m drooling, it’s not a good look. It may also cause people to worry about me. I’d rather leave the drooling for my dog.


Another Drool-worthy Moment: The Tongue Twister

There’s nothing worse than drooling when you’re trying to say something. It’s as if you’ve completely lost control of your mouth. Your tongue is being twisted, there’s saliva flowing down your chin, and you’re making a complete ass out of yourself.

Take a deep breath and compose yourself. Think about what you want to say. Then, slowly, let the words flow out of your mouth. Keep your tongue in check. If it starts to roll and twist, take another moment to get everything under control.

The good news is that’s kind of what makes tongue twisters fun. Well, as long as you’re the one watching someone else struggle rather than being the one struggling.

Tongue twisters happen because of the words sounding alike as well as how they can get your tongue moving all over your mouth. Once you add in a little bit of speed, it can lead to total chaos. It’s why you often challenge friends to say it again and again, with each time being faster than the last. While they may get the sentence right the first time, they aren’t likely to be so lucky on the second, third, or fourth time of saying it consecutively.

Once they get it wrong and start to drool all over themselves, you get the hilarious opportunity to laugh at them. Bonus points if you’ve recorded it so you can post it on social media. (If that happens, don’t forget to tag us. We love a good laugh at someone else’s expense!)

Want some ammo for the next time you need a good laugh? Just ask someone to say this: “Rory the warrior and Roger the worrier were reared wrongly in a rural brewery.” Be sure to practice this a few times so you’re not spewing spit all over the place in your attempt to stump someone else.


It’s Okay to Drool Sometimes

There are a lot of words that we use in order to show that we really like something.

We enjoy a meal and say that we had a foodgasm.

We smell something delicious and say that it’s mouth-watering.

We see something we like and say that it’s drool-worthy.

We may even see someone with a pole barn and start to drool because it’s the same kind of building we want on our property. Sherman-built barns are particularly capable of generating extra saliva because of the quality erections. They’re beautiful, and you may start to have a bit of barn-envy as you check out the stunning craftsmanship and the clean lines.

You may be driving along and see a beautiful building that looks as though it has been custom-designed. If we built it, it was definitely customized. It was also built with the best possible materials. Salivate all you want. We work hard to make sure that people like what they see.

Go ahead and wipe your mouth as you stare at the person’s toy box. It’s something you want, and it’s okay to admit it. Just don’t let them see you drool. It will over-inflate their ego. It might also make you look a bit odd. After all, are you actually drooling over a building? Okay, okay. As long as it’s one of ours, we can see how that could happen.

It’s like when you stare at other things you want. Whoa, that’s what she shed.

Now, let’s talk about a toy box. You want a place to store your favorite toys, whether it’s in the form of ATVs, hunting equipment, fishing boats, or even skis. If you’ve already seen a Sherman pole barn, you know that we create drool-worthy buildings that can be built to your specifications.

Give us a call so we can discuss your build. Just be sure to get your salivation under control first.