Where Are You Going to Store Your Limousine?

“Okay. Let’s go over this one more time and remember this conversation never took place.”


“So you’re a Sherman Pole Building representative and you’re just stopping by the house to see how we’re doing… right?
“Ummm. Well.”

“We’re just the kind of people who could use Sherman’s wide range of products and services. Okay?”

“Ummm. You know…”

“You have amazing deals right now and once we have one, we might want two. Okay?”

“Ummm. We kinda don’t really …”

“Just work with me here. Okay?”

This was George’s call to the Sherman Pole Building headquarters. The thing that went unsaid was that George was in a bit of a fix. One recent day while minding his own business, with nothing on his mind but the warm sunshine and bluest of skies, George happened upon an old Cadillac Limousine for sale.

But it wasn’t exactly that George was out minding his own business. He was out with his buddies having a few drinks when someone mentioned the old limo for sale. One thing led to another and soon enough George’s weakness for old cars that need work entered the conversation. And really, the sunshine filled, blue sky kind of day would come later, because this was one of those late-night conversations that tend to get out of control. And so it was that George had signed on a dotted line or two or more. And that was when the old limo was bought and stored in one friend’s Sherman Pole Building.

Sometimes One Is Not Enough

But it wasn’t exactly just that one car in one Sherman Pole Building. George had recently happened on to another similar deal and now, scattered about the neighboring towns were two antique cars in other people’s pole buildings. But a man with a passion isn’t likely to have just two antique cars hidden somewhere. There were more.

George wasn’t guilty about the cars. He was just waiting for the right time to break the news to his wife. Of course she would love the whole idea of him refurbishing these cars and taking them to antique car shows. In the case of the antique limo, he could rent that out for weddings and proms. If only he had that Sherman Pole Building, all would be right with the world. It wouldn’t be long before he and his cars, and his wife too, would be in parades all over the state. Besides, doesn’t every woman wish for more storage?