How to Attract Women

A survey of readers of “The Bitter Single Guy,” showed that 74 percent were unhappily single and 38 percent were unhappily dating – and yes, the math doesn’t quite add up here. But among those who were unhappily single was a self-proclaimed, great catch named Justin. As far as he was concerned it was just a matter of being in the right place, at the right time and meeting the right girl. The right girl being one who truly appreciated his many facets. And he had more than just a few facets. Indeed the very word facet refers to the qualities of a gem, though he would rather not be called a diamond in the rough.

Along the way to finding Ms. Right, Justin had researched various expert opinions on the subject of attracting women. Accentuate the positive. Gee, how much research went into that particular gem, he wondered. Appearance is important. Hmm, another original thought. Bring flowers. Offer to help her out. And always be yourself. Ah. Such an abundance of wisdom in all of those, thought Justin. Once at a club he’d overheard a guy tell a woman, “You remind me of my first wife.” And exactly how many ex-wives did he have, she asked? “None,” said he, bursting into laughter.  Then she actually gave him her number. The world is indeed a strange place.

Then one day Justin was at the auto parts store picking up stuff when in came the person who would take his breath away. Her brother had offered to fix her broken headlight but she was clueless about the specifics. At which point Justin stepped in to help out. The rest of the story would involve long and interesting conversations about Justin’s passion for creating replicas of world landmarks. Beyond the Eiffel Tower, the Pyramid of Giza and the Taj Mahal, Justin had also built the Statue of Liberty. Right now he was working on an idea for famous bridges and the Great Wall.

Woman Want Places to Store Their Gems

And where did he store these gems? She wondered. Well, that was the problem. They were just scattered about in various places. Some of the more delicate ones were in a storage locker until he figured out what to do. The Statue of Liberty was in his basement. How could that be? Lady Liberty should have a more elegant place. Well, despite being somewhat clueless about car parts, Ms. Right had a multitude of ideas on the best place for building and storing world famous replicas. Hadn’t Justin ever heard of Sherman Pole Buildings? Of course there would be a Sherman Pole Building just right for him. Justin was charmed by the idea and it wasn’t very long before he was on the phone to Sherman. And he was pretty sure that soon he would be building a replica of the Chapel of the Bells Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas.