We Do Everything Outback

Alright, it’s confession time. We’re not the “in front” kind of people. We like to get dirty. We like to talk a bit of trash. And, we like to enjoy life to the fullest, whether it’s with a hunting rifle in our hand or a 12-pack of beer in our coolers.

We live life outback. You know…out back behind the house, out back behind the bar, and out back in the woods. It’s where we can get into a bit of trouble without anyone coming to look for us.


Chillin’ & Grillin’

Some of the best parties we have are outback. It’s where we have the grill and the smoker. It’s where we have the citronella warding off all of the mosquitoes, too.

When we have it out back, we can do what we want without the prying eyes of the neighbors. We don’t want to be judged when we inevitably scorch the ribs. We also don’t want to be judged if we decide that we want to pass around a bottle of whiskey because we ran out of plastic Solo cups.


There’s always something on the grill. It’s that smoky flavor wafting through the air that serves as an invitation to all of our friends. It’s as if it’s designed to welcome everyone to the firepit, where friends and marshmallows get toasted.

No one has friends over to microwave.

We supply the meat. Our friends know to bring the sides, whether it’s corn on the cob or a cheesy broccoli casserole. Our fancy TX friends love to bring over cowboy caviar, too. If you’ve never had it, you’re missing out on a delicious combination of black-eyed peas, corn, and bell peppers.

What’s with cooking outback, you might ask? Well, no one has friends over to microwave. Besides, the beep on a microwave timer doesn’t have the same appeal as the crackling of burnt meat on an open flame.

Grill Chicken

Enjoyin’ Life from a Pickup Truck

Say what you want about life in the outback. We don’t care whether you’re from MN, WI, or way down south in TX. The views are better from a pickup truck. And when you’re hangin’ with your friends, there’s always room for more when you’re in a truck. Just load everyone into the back once you run out of seats in the cabin.

Think about this…you’re grillin’ and you’re eatin.’ More people show up but you don’t have room for them to sit. Well, just invite them to take their truck around back. The tailgate down provides a bench for at least three more. And anyone hangin’ in our backyard won’t mind having dinner with their feet danglin’ down from their truck’s tailgate.


We’re not fancy people. We love our family and friends fiercely. We love the great outdoors, and we depend on our truck to get us to where we want to go. Whether it’s on the road or off the road, our truck can keep up with our adventures. We can take it when we go hunting, fishing, and even when we’re running moonshine along the trails. But, shhh….

Life in a pickup truck is always more fun when the view is from the outback. And when there are more people piled in the back, it means that there’s more to cause trouble. We wouldn’t have it any other way. And when we’re in the back, we don’t have to worry about the rules of the road. We make our own paths and our own rules.

Teachin’ the Youngins

Can you imagine what the neighbors would say if they saw us doin’ all that we do? Nah. That’s not something we want to share with the world. It’s one of the reasons why we take it outback.

In MN, WI, and everywhere else, we like to teach the youngins about life out back as soon as they start to walk. They learn to hold a gun before they learn their ABCs. It’s just what we do, and it makes them well-rounded gentlemen, too.

Playin Outback

There’s one thing that we teach all of our kids, and that’s how to catch a chicken. Now, we all know that the first step is that you can’t. However, they don’t know that. So, we task the kids with catching a chicken for dinner. It’s good entertainment for a solid half-hour. The added bonus is that it tuckers them out so that they go down for the night without a fight.

As for the other teachings, well, it all depends on where they’re growing up. What you teach a kid in Wisconsin might be different from what you teach a kid in Texas. It all depends on how much land you sit on and what’s nearby. Some may be learning to fly fish while others might be learning to shoot down clay pigeons. Meanwhile, some kids might be driving ATVs by the time they’re eight.

But, that’s another shhh…after all, we know that kids can’t be driving ATVs until they’re licensed. We operate under different rules in the outback, which is why we like to spend our time there instead of out front.

Duck Hunting

Headquarters for Trouble

Our life is dirty. When it comes to our ATVs, they’re always caked with mud. It shows that we ride them and enjoy the hell out of them. If I wanted it clean, I would have bought a golf cart.

From ATVs to hunting gear to smokers, we have a need for toys that we use out in the outback. However, we can’t use all of our toys at once. We need a toy chest if you will. Without it, our toys could get ruined. They could even get stolen. Those neighbors we hide from would love to get their hands on our toys so we couldn’t cause a ruckus every weekend.

Grab a hoe and get dirty.

Pole barns are the ultimate toy chests for when you like to play out back. They’re also the ultimate hunting cabins, dance halls, and man caves. Realistically, a pole barn can be anything you want it to be. They are steel buildings that are customized to your specifications.

Get double doors, making it easy for you to ride two by two on your four by fours into the night to stir up some trouble.

You can have room dividers so that everyone has a place to sleep when you’re out in the middle of hundreds of acres of land, hunting for whatever is in season.


Review the available interior finish packages that offer the kind of insulation you need to remain comfortable all year long. After all, just because you like to enjoy the outback doesn’t mean that you have to be a heathen. There’s nothing wrong with being civilized while you stir up trouble with your friends, right?

Sherman Pole Buildings will always have your back…and your front. Wherever it is that you love to live your life, you can count on us to help you live it to the fullest. A pole barn on your premises simply provides you with more options. It gives you a place to store your toys, have your fun, and get some shut-eye in between adventures.