It’s a New Year, and that means that it’s time to start demanding the best out of life. Forget all of those “sham” poos on the market. Demand the real poo. Take a look at your liquor cabinet and make an upgrade for the real stuff – you know what we’re talking about. If it comes in a crystal bottle, you’re probably on the right track.

There’s a fine line that you have to toe throughout life, though. While you want the finer things, do it for you rather than to impress others.

Forget about being impressive and commit to being real. Because real is impressive.


Start Your New Years Resolutions Now

With a new year comes the chance for a fresh start. While “resolutions” are popular, they are often a source of disappointment after the first few months. Don’t focus on things that you know you won’t follow through on, like going to the gym or getting out of debt. It will only make you sad in 12 months when you look back and realize that you failed. Why set yourself up for failure?

Instead, have some fun with your resolutions.

  • Decide that you’re going to travel more.
  • Incorporate more exciting foods into your diet.
  • Participate in random acts of kindness.
  • Read a new book every month.
  • Brush up on some new “your mom” jokes (ha, that’s what SHE shed)
  • Choose to build a pole barn on your property.

This can be your year to make new and exciting things happen, so don’t just treat this year like all of the past ones. Make it one of your best years. It may take a bit of effort, but all of the really good things in life do.

That’s a nice sham you got there. It’d be a shame if someone added an “e”.

Remember, you can always look at ways to improve yourself. I used to be a shampoo addict … But I’m clean now.

If you’re looking for ways to improve, you might even want to take a page out of the Head & Shoulders playbook in terms of what not to do. In a surprising announcement, Head & Shoulders has decided to discontinue its popular anti-dandruff shampoo line. The decision left many scratching their heads.


Never Be Sorry for Being Real

As the saying goes, “Be yourself, everyone else is taken.” The people in your life love you because of what makes you unique. If you decide to be a carbon copy of someone else, you’ll lose your friends and lose your identity in the process.

At Sherman, we have a tendency to be corny. We’re king of the dad jokes around here, and we’ll never apologize for it because it’s part of who we are.

Just the other day, I bought coconut shampoo today, but when I got home, I realized…I don’t even have a coconut.

If you’re rolling your eyes over that last comment, I’m not apologizing. If you were being real with yourself, you’d know it was funny.

Being real with yourself involves digging deep and listening to your true self. If you’ve been fake for a few years, you may have to dig a bit deeper. Don’t beat yourself up about it, though. Remember: new year, new chances.

Prioritize your needs above everyone else’s needs. Take some time to identify your strengths and weaknesses (without lying to yourself). When you start to listen to your inner voice, you’ll be a happier person – and your unique qualities will shine through so that you can be real.

After all, artificial is never a good thing. If you’ve ever bitten into a plastic apple at a furniture store, you’ll know that firsthand. I’m not saying I’ve ever done that, but there’s a reason why you shouldn’t walk into a furniture store hungry.

Super Dog

We Were Born to Be Real, Not to Be Perfect

There were many things we were born to be. If we’re to listen to any of the pop culture songs out there, the answer could be “wild,” “blue,” “brave,” and any other number of adjectives. “Real” should be at the top of the list.

Out of all the words that we could list, we won’t ever say “perfect.” It’s simply not what we were born to be. We are flawed human beings, and we must accept that with style and grace.

It can be exhausting reaching perfection, especially since it will never happen.

“Human beings are beautifully flawed beings, to demand perfection from what is inherently imperfect is insanity” — Unknown

Of course, there are some things that seem to have reached perfection. Good chocolate, bourbon, puppy kisses, a Sherman pole building. If you’ve become a connoisseur of anything over the course of your life, you can probably add to this list. Once you’ve enjoyed some of the better, nearly perfect things, it’s hard to go back. It changes you, but it still requires you to be real. If you become a pompous ass, no one will want to spend time with you. Stay humble, my friends.

Dr. Seuss may have said it best: “Be who you are and say what you want, for those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”

Be honest with yourself and create a fun and exciting life rather than a perfect one. When you’re in Sherman Country, you might as well consider a pole barn. It will be a chance for you to have a place for you to store all of your favorite summer and winter toys or have a place to get away from it all.

Fancy a she shed? A man cave? An ag building? It’s all possible when you work with us at Sherman Country.

Think that those are way too big? That’s what she shed! The reality is that the pole buildings are fully customizable to meet your needs. They can be as big or as small as you desire, and we can incorporate all of the necessary elements, whether you want a skylight, double doors, or anything else.