If you think you’re the only one losing socks, you’re not. However, if you’re finding socks you’ve never owned before, you may have opened a portal to another dimension.

The reality is that a study commissioned by Samsung for their AddWash washing machine surveyed 2,000 people who were willing to discuss their dirty laundry. It was discovered that the participants lost about 1.3 socks per month, which adds up to 15 in a year. With 81 being the average life expectancy, it means that the average person loses over 1,200 socks in a lifetime.

This is something we really have to talk about.

Try Something Different and Go Mismatched

Have you heard that my sock collection is by far the best? It is simply unmatched.

Matching socks can be a bit boring. It also sets you up for disappointment when a sock inevitably turns up missing.

If you’re always wearing matching socks, it can be devastating when you can’t find its match. You could end up being late to work because of spending minutes (or even hours) looking for the matching sock. While you might feel justified spending this time, your boss will likely not be as understanding.

Imagine being fired because of using a lame excuse like, “Sorry I was an hour late, but I couldn’t find my matching sock.” What makes it even lamer is that it was true.

“99% of socks are single and you don’t see them crying about it!” – Unknown

So, dare to be different. Wear mismatched socks not because you can’t find their twin but because you want to spice things up. It’ll be easier to dress in the morning. Plus, you could start a really cool trend.

With the many socks on the market, you could have some fun with your mismatching possibilities. Think about it. You could have a Minnesota Vikings sock on one foot and a Van Gogh Starry Night sock on the other. When you cross your legs at work and show off what you’ve got going on, people will instantly know that you love both football and art.

Who needs Match.com when you can simply mismatch your socks all the time?

There’s only one way to get around being mismatched at some point in your life. Buy one brand of socks for the rest of your life. Be sure that you get the same color, size, and style. That way, you’ll never know if a sock goes missing or not.

However, there’s just one problem with that idea: it’s boring.

You can do better than just boring white athletic socks. Have some fun with your footwear. Grab some argyle, some prints, and even have some custom-made with your dog’s face on them.

It’ll make your sock-matching game a bit more fun if nothing else.

Remember: if you lose a sock in the dryer, it comes back as a Tupperware lid (that doesn’t fit any of your containers).



It’s Better to Lose Your Socks Than…

Socks are relatively cheap when you think of it. If there’s something that you’re going to lose, isn’t it better to lose those than, say, your marbles?

If you want to prepare yourself for what’s bound to happen in the dryer or in some other portal to another universe, buy yourself the economy-sized pack of socks at the local warehouse store. It’ll ensure you have plenty to spare.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve lost quite a few things over the years. Fishing lures, ammunition, and all sorts of other things. I couldn’t tell you what happened to them, either. They’re probably with the dozens of socks that have just vanished out of thin air.

“You know you’re getting fat when your socks don’t fit.” – Zach Galifianakis

The good news is that ever since I got a pole barn, I have added storage for the things in life that really matter. It allows me to be considerably more organized than I used to be.

Ready for the dad jokes?

Why do golfers wear two pairs of socks? In case they get a hole-in-one!

Why did the pair of socks decide to break up? Because one of them always had to be right and the other one left.

Yeah, we know…they might be sort of lame, but we can’t help ourselves. Between our jokes and the unique socks we wear, you might even consider us to be sock stars in Sherman Country.


Tips to Avoid Lost Socks

Losing socks here and there is inevitable. They’re also bound to get lost in more places than just the dryer.

If you find that you lose your socks around your pole barn or anywhere else, here are a few tips to follow:

  • Take your socks off in the same place every day.
  • Place your socks in a hamper so that your dog (or any other animal) can’t get to them.
  • Clip your socks together before they go into the wash.
  • Ensure that everything from the washer makes it into the dryer.
  • Match your socks up before putting them into your sock drawer.

These tips are not guaranteed to ensure you never lose socks again. Unfortunately, Kansas seems to have a portal where socks go missing more frequently. You just know a parallel universe is going crazy with the random socks they get. In turn, they send us their Tupperware lids.

Listen, we don’t have all the answers. We’re not professional sock matchers. Instead, we specialize in quality erections.

Throughout Kansas and the rest of Sherman Country, we can help you create the perfect pole barn. It’s a chance to have a place where you can relax, kick off your shoes and socks, and relax. Throughout the customization process, your steel building can become an ag building, a storage shed, or even a barndominium.

Contact us today to let us show you a bit more about our quality erections. We can’t help you find your socks, but we can certainly help you build an incredible structure that is durable and damn good-looking, even if we do say so ourselves.

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