Life is full of responsibilities, whether we like them or not. And let’s face it, laundry is definitely one of those things that get out of control. Before you know it, the hamper can be overflowing with your clothes from the week.

Have you ever looked at the tag of your clothing for some instructions and seen the three words that will send your heart racing? Dry. Clean. Only. Who knew three words could wreak so much havoc in your life?

I don’t know about you, but when I see “dry clean only,” it means that those clothes will stay dirty for eternity. There’s a pile in my closet dedicated to all of what needs to go to the dry cleaners. Perhaps I’ll get there one day. Until then, the dirty pile will remain.



Laundry Makes Me a Basket Case

My room was clean until I had to decide what to wear. It gets crazy. Clothes get tossed left and right all in the name of fashion. And don’t even get me started about having to do the laundry often enough to have choices.

As the saying goes: laundry today or naked tomorrow.

Have you ever looked at the last few loads of laundry and considered just throwing them away?

And we’ve all seen that one person walking around wearing baggy and outdated clothes to know that they didn’t do laundry when they should have.

We don’t want to get a bad reputation at the office or have people whispering about us in the grocery store. So, that leaves us with no choice. The wash has to be done. And if you have any sense of how to sort your clothes, you’ve likely got multiple loads to do. That means it might get done, but it will take a while.

dirty shirt

I’ll Have To Do Laundry Eventually

I’ll have to do laundry eventually, but don’t expect me to be happy about it. There’s just so much anxiety behind the entire act. Think about all of the steps that you have to get right.

Sort the clothes. And one red sock in the wrong pile can turn everything pink.

Add everything to the wash. Place just enough detergent that it gets the clothes clean without creating an overflooding of suds.

Remember to move everything to the dryer in time. If it sits in the wash for too long, it’ll start to smell moldy.

Fold and put away all of the clothes. Or, you know, let them reside in the basket until you need to wear something.

I can’t deal with that many steps. It’s no wonder that I’ve got a sign to remind me about it all: “I’m feeling a little dirty, please do me.” Signed, The Laundry.

If you think I’m kidding, I invite you into my closet. Though I warn you now, it’s a mess.


Housework Can’t Kill You…

Phyllis Diller once said, “Housework can’t kill you but why chance it.” She’s right. There aren’t any chores that can kill you (as long as you do them correctly). However, is that really a chance you want to take?

If only washing clothes was the only chore to do around the house. There’s also mopping, cleaning toilets, washing dishes, and a long list of other things. It would be nice to hire someone to do it all, but that’s not realistic. Even if you can get some help, there are still chores that fall on you.

Clothes too dirty for the closet, too clean for the laundry hamper. Welcome to the chair.

Throughout Sherman Country, we see many people on properties that span acres and acres. And with more land often comes more chores. There may be cows to feed, horse stalls to muck, and plenty of other things to do. And that can lead to more (and stinkier) laundry, too. Oh, the humanity!

Whether you have a home, a pole barn, a small business office, or anything else, there are chores to be done. Call it housework or call it drudgery, it’s work that has to be done. Just be sure to do it at your own risk.

dirty laundry basket

The Only Chore That’s Fun

We’ve got a chore that is fun, and it has to do with quality erections. Now, we know what you’re thinking. And no, this is the kind of chore that you do with all of your clothes still intact, assuming you’re caught up on the wash.

It’s about finding a quality building for your future. It can be for your business, your family, or your agricultural needs in Sherman Country.

What if you could find the perfect infrastructure that would stand up to all of the elements, year after year? Whether you’re in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Texas, or even Kansas, there are a lot of weather storms that can wreak havoc on a building.

At Sherman Pole Buildings, we have the perfect answer. A steel building is capable of meeting all of your needs because of its strong construction as well as the custom designs that we offer. Whether you need an ag building, a garage, a riding arena, a single-family home, or even an assembly plant, we can create it for you.

What’s the leading cause of dry skin? Towels.

Allow us to do all of the work so that you don’t have a “laundry list” of things to do once it’s built. We’ll add in all of the various elements like flooring, countertops, and more. Of course, if you like to have a honey-do list of chores, you’re welcome to take the DIY approach, too.

We understand if you get anxious about dirty laundry. It happens to everyone.

While we can’t take your suits to the dry cleaner or run your delicates through the wash, we can help you with one chore. When you’ve got the land and need a custom-built pole barn in place, allow us to help. We’ll make sure that everything is built to your specifications. It’s why we’re known for our quality erections, so contact us to find out a bit more now. Just be sure to wash some clothes before you meet with us in person, okay?

dirty mud puddle