Rob Lowe seems to be everywhere these days. You turn on your TV, and he’s either saving the day on 911 Lonestar, providing trivia questions on The Floor game show, or having a nervous breakdown on Netflix’s Unstable with his son. We’re not complaining…Rob Lowe is an amazing actor. It is also a great way to realize that when you want something, you go after it.

Rob Lowe is clearly a man who knows what he wants. He wants more face time on TV, so he’s going after it by appearing in as many things as possible.

So, if Rob can do all the Rob things (like rob Lowes), then we can obviously pursue our dreams, too.

I just got banned from Lowes. Every time I walk in the store I set off all the stud finders.

Rather than heading off to Hollywood, however, we’ll stick to Sherman Country.

Of course, we’ll make sure to turn to Rob Lowe for some advice here and there.


Make Memories

Rob Lowe said, “Making memories matters.”

We couldn’t agree more with the St. Elmo’s Fire actor. In fact, we go out of our way to make memories with those we love – family, friends, and even our weird co-workers. Without taking the time to make memories, the only thing we have is stress and a long list of “coulda, shoulda, woulda” items, and life is simply too short for that kind of thing.

How you choose to make memories is entirely up to you.

If robbers ever broke into my house and searched for money, I’d just laugh and search with them.

We’re quite fond of crafting. Beer, blankets, whatever. A she shed can be a great place to do that. As it would happen, we build pole buildings that can be turned into she sheds, man caves, and all sorts of other things. That means that you can have the crafting shed of your dreams, which provides you with an exciting (and structurally sound) place for you to make your memories.

If you’re making beer, be sure that we get a pint. We’ll use it to make some memories that matter, we promise.

There are no rules to the kind of memories you make, though. If crafting beer or blankets isn’t your thing, there’s certainly something. Spend time in the great outdoors of Minnesota and Wisconsin. Embrace the cold weather sports. Venture out to a lake for fishing or boating in the summer.

Some memories are found in the mundane, too. You may make some of the best ones simply by going through your “Honey Do” list over a weekend. And you better believe that Sheryl Berkoff gives Rob a list on a weekly basis, too. Chores stay with you regardless of how famous you get.

As you make memories, you’ll have something to reminisce about years from now.

Without memories, you’ll be a mindless boob on the couch. Would Rob Lowe want that life for you? Absolutely not.

Follow Your Heart

Or, as a founding member of the brat pack said, “I followed my heart and stayed out of the results.”

Sometimes, you have to follow your heart without any kind of expectation. If you count on specific results, you may not actually be following your heart. Instead, you follow the sane and rational part of your brain that has to analyze your every move. That leads to calculated risks rather than blind ones…and those aren’t nearly as much fun.

Your heart will give you various nudges throughout your life. Most of the time, they are subtle and peaceful. Giving in can be terrifying, but it also provides you with the kind of happiness you’ve always dreamed of.

Perhaps you followed your heart into Sherman Country. Perhaps you followed your heart to pursue a specific dream.

Whether you dream of raising chickens, becoming the best walleye fisherman there ever was, or starring opposite Rob Lowe in the next Netflix rom-com, follow that heart of yours.

While it may not always pan out the way that you had hoped, at least you’ll make some memories while you’re doing it. You can tell people that you went for it, and that’s more than what many will actually ever do in their lifetime.

Real is rare

Be Authentic

Rob Lowe also said, “I try to be authentically who I am.”

Same, Rob, same.

At Sherman Pole Buildings, we are authentic builders who are a bit weird and wild, but we get the job done, and our clients love our work. It’s why we’ve been fortunate enough to build barns and buildings of all sizes across Sherman Country for over 40 years.

We have determined that a pole barn must be capable of withstanding all the elements. We use steel for a reason. It’s sturdier than so many other elements being used out there. It also allows us to get a structure up relatively quickly. If you’ve been thinking of building a home, why not consider a barndominium? Especially if you like to think outside the box on a regular basis, you should be doing the same for your home.

Be authentic. Don’t go with a standard HOA-run, cookie-cutter home when that’s not who you really are. Dare to be different. We’ll work with you to build a unique home that’s right for you. And if you already have a home that you love, we’ll provide you with added living space or storage in the form of a she shed. After all, when you have the property to build more, why not take advantage of it?

We’ll leave you with one more Rob-ism. “I think part of maturity is knowing who you are.”

That’s us. We’re as mature as we need to be, and we know exactly who we are. We are quality craftsman who love to build pole barns that can be made into giant toy boxes for snowmobiles, she sheds for the women who need to escape their husbands, and man caves for the husbands who have been kicked out of their living rooms for screaming at the TV when the football game is on.

When you’re ready to discuss whether Rob Lowe could rob Lowes, share a few quotes from St. Elmo’s Fire, or even just talk about pole barns, give us a call.

Rob Lowe